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At present all workshops and classes are online. Happy to organise a workshop for you and your family. Get in touch! In the meantime, I offer online yoga classes from Monday to Saturday. 

Yoga Workshops in Hove with experienced Yoga Teacher, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Beginners Course Hove, Inversions Workshop, Back Pain Workshop, Shoulders & Neck Workshop, Chakras etc. We are also happy to come to your place / yoga studio and offer a variety of workshops. 

I also specialise in therapeutic courses. Please send me an email and I will be happy to tailor a course to your needs. In the past I have given workshops in Spain, Germany and the UK about chakras, back pain and many more.  

All workshops count to CPD (continued professional development) with the UK Yoga Alliance. 

Our restorative workshops get booked up quickly. 

Take some time out from your busy life and practice the art of doing less (the Italians have an expression for this 'il dolce far niente". Restorative yoga calms your nervous system and nurtures your body and mind. Supported by blankets and props, we will practice passive yoga poses that will help facilitate ease, health and relaxation. The poses will be combined with guided relaxation and calming breathing techniques. Take home techniques to use in your daily life to help manage your stress level. No yoga experiences necessary.


Restore, relax and learn how to nurture your natural breath with some restorative postures. This workshop will reinvigorate you.

See you on the mat with blocks, bolsters, chairs, lots of blankets and pillows. 

Restorative Yoga Hove with Yoga Nidra

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Chakra Workshop - 7 Steps to Consciousness

7 Steps to Heaven

Building up from strengthening ankles, feet, legs to support the pelvis, which connects the lower limbs with the upper limbs, flowing gentle movements to encourage better flow of energy and information to warming up creating heat, to resting and observing the natural breath in deep meditation gave me glimpses experiencing bliss and connecting with the sun, moon, earth, plants, and other beings.

I experienced for the first time feeling like a playing dolphin after a very powerful and beautiful trusting water massage.


It includes a chakra fine-tuning asana practice (joint freeing and /or vinyasa flow inspired sequences, pranayama (breathing) and pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses to connect with your inner being) and meditation techniques.

We will discuss the 7 chakras and practice and reflect accordingly: Muladhara, Svadisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudda, Ajna and Sahasrara. Each chakra is related to a specific organ and if unbalanced can lead to certain diseases and mental formations. The first step is to become aware of what is happening in your body and then find ways how to find the balance again. This could be through exercise, affirmative statements, food, and other techniques.

We also will work with positive affirmations and philosophy to go deeper into our self-enquiry.People feel better, more content and in general happier after this workshop. Open to all levels, we will discuss each chakra. Each chakra is associated with particular functions within our body and relate to specific life issues (e.g. confidence, feeling insecure) and the way we handle those issues (let fear overcome us, anxiety). We can learn how to handle those issues in our life exploring the Ayurvedic text books about chakras, marmas and energy lines can change our diet and exercise regimes. Come and learn more. The power of a right intention will lead to joy and stillness. 

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Read my blog about Mooladhara Chakra

– You may book in advance for classes, workshops, retreats and the teacher training directly with Sundara Yoga

– We are unable to part refund day or weekend passes if you are unable to attend some of the workshops.

– MORE than 3 weeks before the Workshop start date, we can process a full-credit for the cost of the Workshop– LESS than 1 week before the Workshop start date, there are no refund or credit options available.

You may pass your booked spot for a Workshop on to a friend at anytime ahead of the date of the Workshop at no additional cost. We must be notified via email if a friend will attend in your place.

In the case of a course or workshop being cancelled by us, you will receive a full refund, or the option of being transferred to another workshop or course of equal value.

I can tailor-make your own course and design private classes according to your needs. If you have any pains or injuries, I am qualified and experienced to help you.


I can help you to "dive deeper" into your self so that you can let go of tension and relax fully.

Gaining experience takes time and years and experience with various body/minds. I can offer you this experience. I have travelled the world, worked as a yoga teacher in Thailand, India, Germany, Spain and the UK. I have three years working in gyms, over 10 years in studios and plenty of 121 experience. ​

I know what it means to lose your grounding, to start all over again and how to keep sane in the darkest of experiences. I gave 121 yoga classes to former drug addicts for over a year in Southern Spain. 

The workshops count to your CPD with Yoga Alliance. I am registered with the UK Yoga Alliance Professional as a senior yoga teacher. I offer small setting workshops in West Hove and also I am happy to come to your yoga studio, if you like what I offer. 


We have been specializing in Yoga Retreats since 2005 (past retreats have been: Yoga and Trekking in Asturias, walking and yoga to Santiago de Compostela, Shiva Shakti in Bolonia, El Palmar, Andalusia and Ibiza, Awakening your Shakti in East Sussesx - Seven Sisters) and 2018 we are going to Greece.

I am happy to tailor make you your own class in West Hove or Brighton. Do you have a group of people? I am also happy to help you design a holiday to Spain and I can be your guide and yoga teacher? I have lived over 6 years in Andalucia and I know this area very well. I speak Spanish fluently and can guide you through the White Towns of Andalusia, explain to you the Sherry, moorish culture and bring you to the best secret spots!!


I also offer Blu Yoga - joining up with my partner Little Victor, a renown blues artist, we offer life guitar with gentle yin restorative flow. 

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” 
― B.K.S. Iyengar

In Spain, I am known as Arte de Yoga.​ Read the testimonials of what poeple think about Arte de Yoga and Sundara Yoga Retreasts. 


Feedback June 2016 
"I really enjoyed the advice on protecting the knees . It was a great class - thank you" Dee, "I really enjoyed the course. It was different to any other class I've been to. I loved the focus on theory and learning the background. Also, I felt the focus on different anatomy each week was really beneficial." Sophie

Read some more testimonials.

Yoga Lab - Yoga assist Workshop Hove

Learn how to assist, subtle adjustments and how to practice posture with safety and integrity to benefit from its positive distribution of information and communication throughout your physical body and how it can affect your emotional body. Why do we do a pose a certain way? How to fit a pose with your body and not a body into a pose. How to empower yourself with yoga? This and more I attempt to answer you in this workshop. There is a lot to a yoga assist, it is an exchange of giving and taking (offering and receiving). In yoga philosophy we speak about "avdya" (ignorance) in the body / mind and an effective assist awakens your body / mind to "correct" this ignorance in order to see more clearly.


There are two humans interacting and the result should be vidya (knowledge). There are many relationships taking place and it is not simply a relationship between teacher and student, but also a relationship between you and your ankle, knee, hip, neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist. Also, any given teacher can become at times demanding and all this different relationships open us up to different dimensions of what it means to be open, reject, grasp, holding onto our ego etc.  Learn more about it and come to this workshop. 

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Relax and restore yourself. Enjoy and listen to transcendental drone blues guitar played live by award-winner Little Victor taking you into a meditative trance as you enjoy your breath and the support of cushions, blankets, blocks to open up to bliss. Full relaxation with a yogi tea afterwards. It is going to be more chilled than this, but to give you an idea. Robert Belfour, John Lee Hookey, R. L. Burnside, based on North Mississippi style but without singing.

Restorative to transcendental "drone blues music" guitar played live by award-winner Blues musician Little Victor!

Only limited places so book your space quickly.This will be a time to calm down, nurture yourself and take it easy. 

"It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception." (When asked about his theory of relativity) - Albert Einstein


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Intensive 6-week course

6 Week Beginners Sundara Yoga Flow 1

Learn the foundation for a safe calming yet refreshing practice. Learn the foundation in regard to what to do with feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back, middle back, upper back, shoulders, elbows, wrists. 


Learn how to breathe and how to apply simple principles like natural breathing and natural walking / movement into your daily life.


Only limited spaces. 


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A blend of Yoga Nidra, Restorative, PranaYama).  A routine which will provide deep restoration to your body and the mind. Through this technique, we will try to conserve and consolidate energy throughout the entire system preparing ourselves for deeper relaxation and meditation. Breath, Visualization and Concentration Techniques combined, we practice conscious relaxation to invite our body and mind to enter a meditative state and change some of our habitual conditioned behaviours that may restrict our search for harmony.

We live in a chronically exhausted, overstimulated world every day, so take this time for yourself to quieten the overactive conscious mind and move gradually into a meditative state aspiring to ultimate harmony. When we are in harmony, our brain waves slow down often producing a feeling of subtle euphoria. This is an advanced stage and even thus this may take time to realize you will get out of this practice feeling rejuvenated.A combination of technique learned over a long period, this method addresses our physiological, neurological and subconscious needs. 

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Realaxation techniques and breathing exercises: What is Prana, PranaYama. Nadis, Chakras, Marmas etc.

Yoga Sutras and history and philosophy of yoga

Learn about the Yoga Sutas, the song of the Bagawad Gita and other books, such as the Pradipika. 

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What is Kundalini?

Learn about energy lines, meridians and marmas and what is Kundalini. The shakti that lies domrant in each of us waiting to explode. We go for a walk, meditate, practice some gentel yoga and than listen to the magic of Kundalini. 

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Yoga Anatomy of Shoulders, Back, Neck, Knees etc. 

Suitable for yoga teachers and Students wishing to gain better understanding of the Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga. Deepen your knowledge of what is happening in your body when practising yoga asanas. We gain a deep understanding of core muscles, how to co-activate muscle groups to protect and build a bandha (ha or tha bandhas). Also, we learn about the common underworked muscles which are weakened through our modern lifestyles.

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Inversions - see the world upside down

See life upside down and lose the fear of practising Handstand, Shoulderstand, Headstand, Scorpion. It is not simply fear and balance issues, but also a play with our ego and mind. We need a proper skeletal alignment that holds the weight of our body. We will use props to allow this proper alignment to take place and give you the freedom of feeling weightless  Learn how to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders without pain and suffering.

Inversions help to bring fresh blood to the brain cells. 

We practice those inversions with the help of the wall and props encouraging to practice them with assistance in the middle of the room. 

Mr Iyengar in regard to Inversions "The practice of asanas purges the body of its impurities, bringing strength, firmness, calm, and clarity of mind". 

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Spring Detox 

March marks the beginning of spring and the season of the Liver and Gallbladder in Eastern Philosophy. The emotion associated with the Liver/Gallbladder is anger. There is a healthy expression of anger when justice is demanded, but if the emotion gets too much, and we don't know how to deal with it, it can affect this meridian. In this workshop learn how to calm down the nervous system, accept the past that you no longer can control and create dreams for the future. 

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"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee


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I am based in West Hove, but also can come to surrounding areas, such as Portslade, Hove, Brighton, Shoreham and Worthing  for 121 yoga classes. Also available for workshops in London or other areas in the UK and around the World. 

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