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How to transform your life with our unique yoga teacher training in Brighton and Hove

Welcome to this site! Do you want to transform from student to yoga teacher? We have a YTT 200 for you!

Where can you find a yoga teacher training in Brighten and Hove? You can find a Yoga Alliance Professionals UK 200 hour accredited Yoga Teacher Training in actually Hove! We are based at Upstairs at Six on Western Road or/and home studio Sundara Yoga Flow, Hove. Due to the government's social distancing order, we conduct our teacher training according to government guidelines via Zoom online. We will offer another online YTT soon. In the meantime, come and join our online yoga classes from Monday to Saturday.  


Why with Sundara Yoga Teacher Training?


After teaching Yoga for more than 20 years, I am on a mission to adapt yoga to modern bodies with a deep respect for the roots of yoga. I am looking for real people of all sizes and backgrounds! I have been teaching in the UK, Spain, Germany, Thailand and India and I am passionate and keen to pass on everything I learnt and to keep the essence of yoga alive. 


I have been practising yoga for a long time and have been teaching yoga to people of diverse backgrounds (inter alia, martial art practitioners, cancer survivors, in Spain to former drug and alcoholic addicts, etc. ). 

What will you learn in the course? 

  • How to guide students in a safe way, with well-designed and structured classes (anatomy, physiology, biomechanics) 

  • You don’t simply lean where the muscles and bones are,  but rather you appreciate what you can do with them in posture, movement and breathing. How to go deeper without overstretching and overbending. 

  • How to become an authentic yoga teacher (find your own style, finding your voice, the ethical foundation of being a teacher and conducting an “ethical path of teaching and taking yoga forward” (sales, marketing) 

  • How to apply the study of yogic texts, such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita, in your life and your classes. Learn about those textual scriptures in their historical context and evaluate for yourself how and when they are still useful for your life.

  • How to live a yogic lifestyle (fundamentals of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine)

  • How to adapt postures and practice for special circumstances (pregnancy, menstruation, back problems etc.). Use of Props

  • Anatomy and physiology of yoga and application to an asana (breakdown, modifications & adjustments)

  • Philosophy and fundamentals of yoga 

  • Meditation, Pranayama 

  • Observational skills 

  • Building a portfolio of teaching practice and lesson plans 

  • Yoga Practice & Journaling 

Course prerequisites 

We do recommend that each applicant has a genuine interest in yoga and health & wellbeing, has good body awareness and has attended regular yoga classes for a minimum of 2 years. 

How will you be assessed: 

  • One practical exam (teaching)

  • One multiple-choice exam which covers anatomy and functional philosophy

  • Coursework in the form of worksheets (self-enquiry - 4 task worksheets: 1) philosophy 2) functional anatomy ..)

  • Personal observation of teaching practice(s)

  • One case study of a student practising with you

  • Written sequences 

  • Participation in discussions

  • One short piece of written work in the form of a book review or to be determined

Sundara Teacher Training gives you the foundation and tools to find your authentic voice and style as a teacher using an inquisitive mind.  I am a certified training provider by Yoga Alliance Professionals and their standards are high! That's why the YAP only allow senior teachers with a certain amount of teaching experience being able to provide training courses.

Find out more about the senior yoga teacher on this course and Sundara Yoga

If you want to find out more about our Yoga Teacher Training in Brighton and Hove, send me an email.

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Ashka, Yoga Teacher 

"I had a pleasure to be part of Sundara yoga teacher training in 2019. It was an incredible experience. I have learnt a lot not only about yoga, I changed my perspective on yoga and my practice has changed because of what I learnt. Claudia is an incredibly vibrant and supportive teacher with passion for making yoga accessible and for making it a way of living."

Elisabeth, Yoga Teacher 

"Claudia is is a truly gifted Yoga teacher! I first started studying with her by attending her classes in Spain over 10 years ago (2006) and then went on to enjoy a deeper practice with her by attending her retreats. She has a gift for teaching the subtleness of movement while staying true to the essence of yogic principals. As a fellow yoga teacher, I appreciate always being able to learn something new from her sessions as well as walking away feeling calm, strong, and connected to a beautiful community.""I

Amanda, Yoga Teacher 

"I really enjoyed yoga with Claudia before I even thought about becoming a teacher.

The training was hard but very rewarding. Learning so much but over a period of time was perfect for me. Lots of sole searching.
There was always guidance & help in between each weekend. Constant support & kindness from Claudia."

Yoga Teacher Training Brighton and Hove 2020

Enrollment is open. There are only limited spaces on this course. We take a max. of only 8 people. Our online course takes 12 people. 

So, if you are interested in a yoga teacher training Brighton and Hove, let me know and introduce yourself. I am happy to meet and discuss this course further with you. 

200+ hours. Yoga Teacher Training Brighton is for all those that wish to learn more and dive deeper into a yoga practice and self - inquiry and self-reflection that is necessary for personal growth. I support you with ethical marketing and sales savvy and mentoring all the way through and beyond. I like to think of a yoga teacher who transforms rather than performs, and be present! I have worked in marketing and have done courses in social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Nowadays it's important for the teacher to be commercially viable with certain ethical business savvy. However, yoga from me is foremost a way of life rather than a career. 

Sign up for the next taster session. There are only limited spaces.  

In need of a Mentor?

Are you a new teacher but need some more mentoring? I have been teaching in various countries since 2004 and I am happy to tailor-make a unique programme for you (need to find your authentic voice, need confidence in adjusting or designing sequences, need business support etc.

Yoga Training Course with senior yoga teacher - YTT 200

Claudia Steinhauser (senior yoga teacher registered with YAP)

"I've been participating as a teacher in various teacher training since 2012 and have supported to train many students. I started in Barcelona teaching Pranayama and Hatha Yoga and when coming to live in Brighton I taught philosophy in 2 teacher training. 

You'll learn how to teach a range of different classes and overall how to adjust to many different modern bodies. I don't give so much emphasis on performance, but rather a positive transforming and overall teaching yoga in a loving way to your body using somatic movements, classical and adapted asanas and learning how to adapt to each person. Vinyasa Krama (step by step progression takes time and patience. In the past. I started yoga as a young person and have been teaching yoga since 2004 with thousands of teaching hours and various teacher training courses myself.

I have put a lot of love and work into this and welcome you onto my second year of an intensive course in 2020! Find out more and send me an email. I will send you the PDF documents and registration. Part of the course price is a 6-night stay in Tuscany, Italy in a meditation retreat with food and accommodation included! On the teacher training course, various other teachers will be invited to partake and you will get a good idea of a mixed style and authentic teaching. 


Sundara Yoga Teacher Training gives you the tools to teach both gentle Hatha as much as some more dynamic vinyasa flow classes, restorative and Yoga Nidra.


Bring curiosity to find out more, and a notebook and pen to our taster session. There are only limited spaces. 

With love, Claudia

Send me an email and I will send you:

  • Curriculum 

  • Policy document

  • PDF Summary about training



Upon registration, I will send you a reading list. In addition, you will receive a self-development manual. This manual has been written with the intent to give you a life reflection. 

We will encourage you to teach from the first weekend onward and enrol you free of charge with the YAP and you can start teaching your family and friends up to 2 hours /per week while being a trainee. After graduation, you can get discounted insurance from YAP. During training, insurance is available for a small fee. 

Yoga is a discipline which involves searching for the self and could involve potentially altering or intervening with another individual (or groups) search for the self (or identity). Therefore, I believe any yoga teacher is required to be aware of this and has to stay real and not fake anything. 

With so many Yoga Teacher Training to choose from, why would you choose this one? Our Sundara Teacher Training gives you the foundation and tools to find your authentic voice and style as a teacher. It teaches self-inquiry, transforms and is for real people of all sizes and backgrounds. It is accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK who have high standards and teachers have to have a minimum of 8 years of teaching experience before they can be training providers. This training offers 10 full weekends in busy quaint Hove (you can get a smoothie or enjoy vegan ice-cream) and one weekend in a rural retreat setting. 

Do you have a body? Then you have a “yoga body.” Do you enjoy using it? Do you have strong ethical core values of not harming others? Then you are already a yogi! It's not about the venue, it's about the human being behind it. It's not about holding a certain posture, but how you hold yourself in life (do you only talk the talk or also walk the walk - too many people have words such as "compassion" "kindness" "integrity" in their "business" or "career" vocabulary, but when it comes to showing compassion, kindness or integrity fail big time. They are not open to other perspectives and their motto is "my way or the highway" which leads often in pursuing a career that ultimately fails in its ethical aspects).

Are you ready to dive deeper into philosophy and history of yoga to modern yoga and learn about modern bodies? Do you want to learn about your nervous system and how posture affects you? Do you want to learn about some effective distribution of blood and energy? How to create stabilisation around joints?


Have you got a passion for yoga and would like to teach others about it? Then this course is the right for you. For more information please send me a message and I am happy to call, meet or email you back. 

Yoga Teacher Training 2021

​*Integrated Approach 

Learn a combination of styles, such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative with Iyengar alignment principles to flow mindfully  

*Find your own authentic way of teaching and voice


Our small groups allow for a lot of personal attention and support (mentoring) to be an outstanding teacher 

Best Yoga Teacher Training 

Teaching is some kind of Karma, self-service to give love for this beautiful art to others. You will learn different styles of yoga (more dynamic vinyasa styles to restorative Nidra), philosophy and anatomy and physiology of yoga. You learn different ways of stretching and strengthening that allow for effective distribution of energy throughout your body. We will take care of you and provide you with help once you finish the teacher training. We help you to design a website, how to get your SEO and digital marketing going and overall how to be an ethical yoga teacher staying true to the values and qualities you represent to the whole. If you want to teach part-time or full-time, we give you advice on how to set yourself up and be a good teacher. You learn what your muscles can do for you (and not simply the names of all muscles which does not serve you at all) and how to use them in different postures. The art of inquiry is an important part of this training and we encourage you to feel and become more aware. Overall, you will learn how to use yoga in everyday life, on and off the mat and hopefully, this will lead to growth and finding your true purpose. This is a teacher training for real people and we invite all ages, sizes, and nationalities. We believe in true empowerment and embodiment. 

Your energy levels might increase by encouraging to breathe less (very important especially in the beginning of a yoga practice many people over-breath and even thus feel fit and active, in the long term their energy level will decrease and they have the urge for more high protein food), learn how to promote circulation without needing to make your heart beat faster and might get fitter and you learn how to improve the intelligence of your body cells without having to over-think.

"Practicing with Claudia inspired me to explore yoga teacher training, and when I began a 200-hour course in Hove, I was delighted to see she was teaching a module! I found the sessions to be really well planned and thought out. We covered what we needed for the course content, but more than that, we were invited to read more, to think outside of the qualification and apply what we were learning to our own lives and practice. -And that what makes Claudia such a great teacher, she shares her vast knowledge & experience, but also encourages us to continue to learn. The gift of further inquiry is something that has stayed with me years after the course. A great teacher is one who is ever the student. Thank you for all of your help and support."  Yoga Teacher Hove

How to become a yoga instructor?

When you are looking for a Yoga Teacher Training Course, there are so many courses to choose from. A yoga teacher course can be life-changing and really immerse you into the philosophy, art and science of yoga.

I aim for people to be awake in "conscious" activism", that is, be the change they want in others. We have an intrinsic privilege in many things we are not even conscious about. Fake people stay in "performa" (they seem nice and reasonable from the outside but all they care for is their own gratification or image), real people are not be afraid of being real and are able to see things from different perspectives, able to forgive and don't claim to be always perfect. They stay humble. There are a lot of fake people out there. It takes courage to be real! Can you be one of them? Read my blog about how tho chose a training course.  

"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee


Contact us

I am based in West Hove, but also can come to surrounding areas, such as Portslade, Hove, Brighton, Shoreham and Worthing  for 121 yoga classes. Also available for workshops in London or other areas in the UK and around the World. 

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