200 hour Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Brighton and Hove

East Sussex UK 

Do you want to become a Yoga Teacher? Are you ready to transform from student to yoga teacher? 

Yoga Alliance Professionals 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.


Why with Sundara Yoga? ...because I am on a mission to adapt yoga to modern bodies with a deep respect for the roots of yoga. I am looking for real people of all sizes and backgrounds! I am on a mission to get away from this cliche you have to be a certain body type or class to be able to do yoga. I am looking for people who want to transform rather than perform and learn about the benefits and give those to others. When I say benefits, I want them to scientifically explain and not just say "yoga is good for ".." and finally, I want people to be kind and participate in "consicous" activism", that is, be the change they want in others. We have an intrinsic privilege in many things we are not even conscious about. I don't want peope just to say the are compassionate but be able to get rid of "performa" and be real and not be afraid of being real. There are a lot of fake people out there. It takes courage to be real. 

With so many Yoga Teacher Training Courses to choose from, why would you choose this one? Sundara Teacher Training gives you the foundation and tools to find your authentic voice and style as a teacher. It teaches self-inquiry, transforms and is for real people of all sizes and backgrounds. I have spent teaching different cultures, bodies and ages since 2004.

Some of our students have posted comments, such as


"I couldn’t recommend this course more highly. Beautifully and intelligently constructed in a way that builds on your learning and seamlessly gets you teaching from the start. Two incredibly passionate teachers, each very different but with a wealth of knowledge and experience to impart. If this is something you are considering, then this is the one to go for."

So, if you are interested in this training (part of the training is to go for 6 nights to Italy), let me know and introduce yourself!  Are you passionate about yoga? Are you ready to teach others the benefits you have enjoyed?

Yoga Alliance Professionals approved.     


200+ hours. Yoga Teacher Training Brighton is for all those that wish to learn more and dive deeper into a yoga practice and self - inquiry and self-reflection that is necessary for personal growth. I support you with ethical marketing and sales savvy and mentoring all the way through and beyond. I like to think of a yoga teacher who transforms rather than performs. 

Register and come to a taster on 29 September at 4pm at the lovely Upstairs at Six Yoga Studio. Sign up for the next taster session in January. 

In need of a Mentor?

Are you a new teacher but need some more mentoring? I have been teaching in various countries since 2004 and I am happy to tailor-make a unique programme for you (need to find your authentic voice, need confidence in adjusting or designing sequences, need business support etc.

"I was fortunate to find Claudia teaching regular classes in Hove and found her style very engaging and accessible. She is incredibly knowledgeable but has the ability to explain anything from anatomy to yoga philosophy in a way that a student of any level can understand. Claudia's very generous with her time, and would answer questions I had after classes.


Practicing with Claudia inspired me to explore yoga teacher training, and when I began a 200 hour course in Hove, I was delighted to see she was teaching a module!


I found the sessions to be really well planned and thought out. We covered what we needed for the course content, but more than that, we were invited to read more, to think outside of the qualification and apply what we were learning to our own lives and practice. -And that what makes Claudia such a great teacher, she shares her vast knowledge & experience, but also encourages us to continue to learn.


The gift of further inquiry is something that has stayed with me years after the course. A great teacher is one who is ever the student.

Thank you for all of your help and support."


Rosie  - Yoga Teacher  Hove 

"I've been participating in teacher trainings since 2012 and have supported to train many students into amazing yoga teachers.

When you train with us you'll learn how to teach in a range of different classes and overall how to adjust to many different modern bodies. We don't give so much emphasis on performance, but rather positive transforming and overall teaching yoga in a loving way to your body using somatic movements and learning how to adapt to each person. Vinyasa Krama takes time and patience. In the past, I have participated in various teacher training in Barcelona and Brighton teaching specific lessons and giving lectures about Philosophy and Physiology and Anatomy (since 2012). Even thus this was a good experience, some of them lacked the ethical parts (read my blog about ethical business and yoga) and were conducted by people in the industry with much less time than I have and often I felt they lacked completely in the sense of mentoring beyond the time spent together.


I have put a lot of love and work into this and welcome you onto our second year of an intensive course in 2020! Find out more and send me an email. I will send you the PDF documents and registration. Part of the course price is a 6-night stay in Tuscany, Italy in a meditation retreat with food and accommodation included! 


Sundara Yoga Teacher Training gives you the tools to teach both gentle Hatha as much as some more dynamic vinyasa flow classes, restorative and Yoga Nidra.


Bring curiosity to find out more, and a notebook and pen to our taster session on 29 September. There are only limited spaces. 

With love, Claudia

Send me an email and I will send you:

  • Curriculum 

  • Policy document

  • PDF Summary about training



Upon registration, we will send you a reading list. In addition, you will receive a self-development manual. This manual has been written with the intent to give you a life reflection. 

We will encourage you to teach from the first weekend onward and enroll you free of charge with the YAP and you can teach up to 2 hours /per week while being a trainee your friends and family. After graduation, you can get discounted insurance from YAP. During training, insurance is available for a small fee. 

Yoga Certification - Yoga Instructor Course 

Training will be in Hove and Italy


9 weekends in Brighton & Hove plus one week abroad

Weekend Schedule 9:00 - 17:00  


April: 6/7

May : 4/5

June: 1/2

July: 13/14

August: 10/11


Oct: 5/6

20 - 26 October 2019 

6 nights in Italy

Nov: 2/3

Dec: 7/8 

2020 registrations are open! 

Dates for our 2020 training are: 

plus one week abraod (half term October)

Sign up to receive information of how to get a yoga instructor certification and how to become a yoga teacher

What will you learn in the course? 

  • how to guide your students in a safe enjoyable way, with well-designed and structured classes (anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics) 

  • You don’t simply lean where the muscles and bones are,  but rather you appreciate what you can do with them in posture, movement and breathing.

  • How to become an authentic yoga teacher (find your own style, finding your voice, the ethical foundation of being a teacher and conducting an “ethical business” (sales, marketing) 

  • how to apply the study of yogic texts, such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita, in your life and your classes 

  • how to live a yogic lifestyle (Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine) 

  • how to adapt postures and practice for special circumstances (pregnancy, menstruation, back problems etc.) 

  • Anatomy and physiology of yoga and application to an asana (breakdown, modifications & adjustments) 

  • Philosophy and fundamentals of yoga 

  • Meditation 

  • Pranayama 

  • Programming a yoga session 

  • Delivering a yoga session 

  • In-depth breakdown of each Asana 

  • Application of Anatomy & Physiology to the Asana 

  • Modifications & Adjustments 

  • Use of props 

  • Sequencing and progressions 

  • Verbal and tactile cues 

  • Observational skills 

  • Building a portfolio of teaching practice and lesson plans 

  • Yoga Practice & Journaling 

  • Teaching practice and feedback 


Course prerequisites 

We do recommend that each applicant has a genuine interest in yoga and health & wellbeing, has good body awareness and has attended regular yoga classes for a minimum of 2 years. 

6 nights in Tuscany Italy in October is included in the package! Not included is the flight and transportation. There are cheap flights to Pisa.

Between us, we hold 6 teacher training courses in one with more than 25 years of combined teaching experience and 1000s of hours taught on the mat and off the mat. 

Teaching is some kind of Karma, self-service to give love for this beautiful art to others. You will learn different styles of yoga (more dynamic vinyasa styles to restorative Nidra), philosophy and anatomy and physiology of yoga. You learn different ways of stretching and strengthening that allow for effective distribution of energy throughout your body. We will take care of you and provide you with help once you finish the teacher training. We help you to design a website, how to get your SEO and digital marketing going and overall how to be an ethical yoga teacher staying true to the values and qualities you represent to the whole. If you want to teach part-time or full-time, we give you advice on how to set yourself up and be a good teacher. You learn what your muscles can do for you (and not simply the names of all muscles which does not serve you at all) and how to use them in different postures. The art of inquiry is an important part of this training and we encourage you to feel and become more aware. Overall, you will learn how to use yoga in everyday life, on and off the mat and hopefully, this will lead to growth and finding your true purpose. This is a teacher training for real people and we invite all ages, sizes, and nationalities. We believe in true empowerment and embodiment. 

Even thus Yoga is not about stretching, strengthening and fitness or sport, you will learn how to improve your flexibility without feeling that you overstretch, improve your strength without feeling stressed (focus is now to decrease tension). You will become more relaxed without being passive, you will be “actively relaxed” and you will get empowered to take this with you into your daily life.

Your energy levels will increase by encouraging to breathe less (very important especially in the beginning of a yoga practice many people over-breath and even thus feel fit and active, in the long term their energy level will decrease and they have the urge for more high protein food), you will promote circulation without needing to make your heart beat faster and will get fit and you learn how to improve the intelligence of your body cells without having to over-think.

"Claudia is is a truly gifted Yoga teacher! I first started studying with her by attending her classes in Spain over 10 years ago (2006) and then went on to enjoy a deeper practice with her by attending her retreats. She has a gift for teaching the subtileness of movement while staying true to the essence of yogic principals. As a fellow yoga teacher, I appreciate always being able to learn something new from her sessions as well as walking away feeling calm, strong, and connected to a beautiful community."

Elisabeth Phelan - Yoga and Pilates Teacher Puerto de Santa Maria 

How to become a yoga instructor and what to look out for

When you are looking for Yoga Teacher Training Course in Brighton, UK there are so many courses to choose from. A yoga teacher course can be life-changing and really immerse you into the philosophy, art and science of yoga. Before you sign up to a yoga teacher training I would recommend you to read my blog or send me an email

Sundara Yoga Teacher Training

251 Kingsway

Hove BN3 4HD

07919089934 or email us at sundarayogabrighotn@gmail.com

"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee


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We are based in West Hove, but also can come to surrounding areas, such as Portslade, Hove, Brighton, Shoreham and Worthing  for 121 yoga classes

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