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Yoga tips for Beginners

Frequent concerns before starting with a yoga practice:

  • I am too old

  • I am not flexible enough

  • I don’t want esoteric therapy

  • I feel conscious in front of others

  • I am not religious


Let me assure you yoga will embrace any age, any flexibility and any believes regardless of sex, age, race yoga is completely for everyone.


Yoga is all about the movement of energy throughout your body(s) and on the first instance communication and connection with your brain and the rest of your body.


You will feel more vital given you do the right practice. It is not about stretch or strength, although ultimately you will become subtler without feeling the intense stretch and stronger without feeling stressed or tense.


Yoga will make you more relaxed without feeling passive, you actively relaxed and can continue living an active life, but with more ease. Your energy levels will improve and all this without needing to breathe more than normal or/and making your heart beat faster. The cardiovascular circulation will happen without stress and strain your heart.

You start to obtain a cellular intelligence and stop over-thinking in your head. You can through effective yoga practice satiate your appetite (or change urges) without having to eat too much or the wrong kind of foods. You will find that you sleep better and may need less sleep, but nevertheless feel rested.

Yoga is so much more than being flexible and really think about it, we need more compassionate loving people in this world!! Can you be one of them? Come and take 121 Yoga Classes with me. I make sure you learn step by step the main postures with integrity and safety. You will soon feel the liberating effect of yoga. Yoga is freedom. Freedom from all those judgements about age, culture, sex, race etc. Yoga is without authority within you and waits for it to be released to enjoy a more joyful existence being able to love freely.

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FAQ Beginners have when starting yoga 


  • How many days a week should you do yoga?

It’s really up to you, but the most benefits you reap if you practice daily and with practice daily I don’t mean just a physical practice, but you can complement it with meditations, mindful kind actions, gratitude and/or walks.

If you go to a teacher or studio, I would recommend you to go at least twice a week. If you can go only once a week, make sure you practice at home what you have learnt.

  • Can you drink water before or during a yoga class?

Try not to drink too much shortly before and during a class, so you don’t need to interrupt your practice because you have to go to the toilet. Obviously don’t forget to drink plenty for the rest of the day.

  • When is the best time to practice Yoga?

It depends on your commitments. The best time is really straight away in the morning before we have become stimulated by all those new and old daily impressions and activities. In general, I would recommend a late evening practice should not be too stimulating since you want to go to bed and sleep after the class. However, eventually, any practice combines the “yin” and “yang”, and you learn how to balance yourself.

  • Can you lose weight by doing yoga?

Did you know that actually, a correct practice will slow down your metabolism? However, yes, you can lose weight, but losing weight is not through cardio (it this is your aim. I recommend other aerobic activities, even a dynamic ashtanga practise will not do it).


By regular practising, your body will adapt and change. Eventually, by practising without too much tension and effort and applying organic breath, you will feel less craving for high protein food, but this takes time and patience.

  • How long before a class should you eat?

Best not to eat a heavy meal before yoga. There are a lot of twists etc. in yoga and stimulation of the digestive system (in fact the digestive system gets switched off when you are in the sympathetic state, but works well, like many other bodily systems, in the parasympathetic nervous system. You feel uncomfortable with food in your stomach practising certain postures. In general, it is said don’t eat at least 2 hours beforehand


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Would you like to have a private class with Sundara Yoga Flow? Do you want to learn step by step how to practice safely and how to nourish yourself? You can also read my blog about 10 tips for a beginner starting a yoga practice.

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@By the way, I should have mentioned that I really enjoyed your classes and learned a lot about my body.  As an instructor, you put a

a lot of effort into helping people and making the classes informative. 

Very best wishes for your future success as you deserve it.

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