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Yoga Mentorship Program

Hello and welcome to my site. After more than 20 years teaching yoga myself, and practising even much longer, I am happy to help students and new teachers to dive deeper into the practice of yoga and assist with marketing, sequencing and finding a voice out there! 

Yoga Mentor

A series of little 121 will set you in the right direction to use yoga as a way of life and hopefully find a way to teach in a way that it feels nurturing rather than exhausting.

I know how overwhelming it can be to be a yoga teacher teaching in different venues at different times or if you are a new teacher the thought of going out there in the real world. Which is one of the reasons why I have created a unique mentoring programme? I am confident that I can help you. Over 10 hours, we possibly discuss (tailor-made programmes):

  •         Optimize your sequencing/curriculum development

  •         Develop your understanding of anatomy within your teaching - functional anatomy and physiology of yoga 

  •         Learn about nerve reflexes, 4 ways to be around a joint complex, Bandha to enhance flexibility and strength

  •         Gain clarity about different styles and how to find your own authentic style

  •         Explore your niche/role as a teacher

  •         Develop your voice as a teacher

  •         Cultivate a Social Media Strategy and Website (help with basic SEO of your website)

  •         Understand ethical marketing and sales

  •         Develop a sustainable teaching schedule

  •         Explore teaching skills, holding attention, sequencing and theming

  •         How to maintain your yoga practice

  •         Ongoing study and self-inquiry etc.

A mentor can support, guide and inspire. I mentor can help you to find a direction and purpose.  


​What's the investment?


£150 (this gives you 3 sessions with a senior experienced yoga teacher. The sessions are 1 hour long online or in-person if possible, but expect to study and read more.

The sessions can be extended and will cost £45 for each additional hour needed. 

Expect additional self-study, homework, book recommendations and lots more! Are you ready to receive mentoring?

Email me and find out more.

Why chose a senior yoga teacher? Because you are guaranteed that this person has at least 8 years of teaching experience and is registered with a network organisation for yoga professionals and practitioners, whose mission is to raise the standards of yoga teaching worldwide.

Training with a senior yoga alliance professional teacher ensures that all workshops/courses/programs provide yoga teachers CPD hours of continual professional development and you will receive a certificate upon completion. 

This bespoke mentoring program is for yoga teachers who want to expand their knowledge. You will deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, adjusting in class, teaching methodology, marketing and sales savvy etc.

"What can I say about Claudia that hasn't already been said. She is a professional, personable and a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to yoga and life. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome at every single class. She helps you to get into the right position and makes small adjustments as and when you need them. During each relaxation, her calming voice removes all of the nasties from the day. A very passionate yoga teacher and mentor. I would highly recommend her!" 

Siân Lacey 

  • Have you just fin­ished a yoga teacher train­ing and you are not sure what to do next?

  • Do you feel your teacher training lacked in certain aspects?

  • Do you want to learn more about joint stabilisation, circulation of energy etc?

  • Do you feel you lack confidence? Ideas? Motivation?

  • Do you wish to hold workshops and retreats?

  • Get in touch with me! 

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