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Deep restorative yoga 


All our restorative yoga sessions are currently online. 

What are "restorative" classes? 

  • In restorative yoga, we use chairs, bolsters, pillows, eye pillows, blocks, straps, blankets and other material to restore our physical body and mind.

  • In those lessons, you hold postures for a long time supported by props. letting go of unnecessary "pushes" and "pulling" leads to letting go of tension.

  • If you haven't got those props, you can also use books (stable), blankets and other items.

  • Ou.r restorative yoga is online at present.

  • Deep restorative postures alleviating stress and anxiety 

Staying longer in the poses lets you ripe the benefits of the flow of communication and energy within your body, certain postures calm your mind and certain postures help you to focus better on your relaxed breathing. Often we end our sessions with a long Yoga Nidra practice. 

You can learn how to do even more complicated postures, such as inversions safely and ripe all the benefits of the queen and the king of yoga (shoulder stand and headstand). 

Restorative Yoga is about restoring yourself to your natural state, who you are when you're not stressed or tense.

​Yoga Nidra is a Yogic sleep, a very special practice, you can read more about here.

You'll experience Asana (postures) Pranayama (breathing techniques) and guided Meditations.

Find out more about our deep restorative yoga and join the next class!

Restorative Yoga - The yoga for relaxation of mind and body

Restorative yoga is a beautiful way to compliment your yoga practice. It’s giving a little bit of yin to a yang lifestyle.

All our lives need to be restored at some point or the other and especially in the winter, a restorative practice can be very beneficial. We often don’t get the sleep we need, our immune system is weaker etc. Restorative sessions can help you to relax body and mind. 

Yoga for relaxation and stress management

I have studied restorative yoga in India, mainly in Bangalore under Yoga Praveena Arun HS, but also with many other Iyengar teachers, such as Ramon Clares from Madrid, my teacher trainer Karin O’Bannon in Rishikesh, India etc. Restorative Yin Yoga helps you manage your stress and is used to relax body and mind. 

There are many different sequences and I will give a little mini sequence here for you to practice at home. You can do this after office hours or when you feel exhausted. It is really relaxation and stress management at its finest. 

Relaxation sequences 

(watch the space)

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Yoga for a tired body - fatigue 

Headache sequence

Menstruation / Menopause 


Sometimes when women have their menstruation, they don’t feel like doing a full yoga class, and especially on the first couple of days, a little sequence like this may help them to feel at ease

Man doing restorative yoga
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