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Yoga Sessions Online - Yoga Hove

Connect with me and others through my Yoga Sessions Online  - join my live streaming yoga classes and practice with me online.

"Exhale slowly and fully. Pause. Then exhale again. There is always a slight residue left in the lungs. In that residue is to be found the sludge of toxic memory and ego. In that brief further exhalation, let them go - and experience an even deeper state of relief from the burden, of peace and emptiness. In inhalation we experience the full "I", human potential fulfilled and raised like a brimming cup in offering or oblation to the Cosmic Divine. In exhalation, we experience the empty "I", the divine void, a nothingness that is complete and perfect, a death that is not the end of life. Try it. Exhale slowly and fully. Pause. Then exhale again."
BKS Iyengar, Light on Life​


How complete is your exhalation and does it feel liberating? Give yourself the time and space you need to fully relax and energise and let go of toxic memory and ego. Learn the foundation of yoga from the core out and feet up. Learn how to move mindfully and listen to your body.

Online Yoga

How much are online yoga classes?

You can pay anything from £5 - 12 online.

Can you learn yoga online?

Yes, you can. Of course, traditionally yoga has been taught in a group setting and it's easier for the teacher to observe you. However, with sensitivity and the teacher reminding you to take it easy in exploring your limits, you can also learn online. 

Where to learn yoga online?

Online classes are almost everywhere available now and every teacher offers them. Try a few and find out which one's you like most. Support individual teachers. 

Benefits of Online Yoga

  • No travel to the venue

  • You are in the own comfort of your own home

  • No group pressure

  • Nobody can interrupt the class

  • You can really learn about self-inquiry and silence

  • You can put your own background music on without having to listen to the playlist of the teacher

"From my very first class, I knew I'd found something very special in Claudia's teaching. She uses her years of experience to create classes that are suitable for all levels, giving students the permission and confidence to enjoy their practice on the day, finding the sweet spot between effort and compassion. Her classes are varied and often tailored to the needs of the students on the day. Claudia has a wonderful ability to reference deep philosophical concepts or detailed anatomy in a way that are accessible to both new and more experienced students. Claudia gives us so much of herself to her students. I often write down some of her words of wisdom after class to savour during the week."

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