Outdoor Yoga 

In the spring/summertime, we offer yoga classes at the beach or in the park. Practising yoga outdoors is a wonderful experience. We used to run Beach Yoga Barcelona, and it was a success. We are determined to bring this to Brighton and Hove and get you to be more outdoors to experience sun, wind, air and feel earth and space around you. 

More and more people using the outdoors to do their activity. Sign up and get informed when the next outdoor yoga takes place. 

Every Saturday at 10:00, close to King Alfred Gym in Hove. Please email me beforehand. 


Contact me. 

Outdoor Yoga 

Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

  • fresh air

  • no gym noise

  • connecting with nature

  • Vitamin D

  • spacious 

  • feeling of freedom

  Read an article by Yoga international on outdoor yoga here. 

Yoga in the park