Private 121 Yoga Classes in Sussex

Claudia Steinhauser - senior registered Yoga Teacher with UK Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP)

Private Yoga Tuition in Brighton and Hove

I believe yoga works best when tailored to an individual need and body. Yoga has been something I am practising since an early age and for me "is a way of life" rather than a career. 

Why chose a 121 or 122 class with me? I have been teaching since 2004 and practising for far longer and have a passion for yoga.

I believe yoga works best when tailored to an individual need and body. Yoga has been something I am practising since an early age and for me "is a way of life" rather than a career. 

Even thus, my mission is to adapt a physical movement class to a modern body; I respect the teachings of the east (I travelled for about 2 years discovering and studying yoga intensively in Asia). 

I have lived in different countries (inter alia for a year in India) and have a background in empowerment and NGO work and have the ability to adapt with sensitivity to different bodies. I endeavour to keep yoga real and overall free of dogma.

Sundara Yoga Flow is a combination of somatic movement, traditional hatha yoga adapted to a modern body and years of therapeutic study in the Iyengar lineage and other schools (Dynamic Yoga, Ashtanga and Synergy). 

Even thus, my mission is to adapt a physical movement class to a modern body; I respect the teachings of the east (I travelled for about 2 years discovering and studying yoga intensively in Asia). 

If you are a beginner and/or other level and would like to go deeper into the art of yoga and inquiry into your own self and learn or you have a feeling of being disconnected to your life purpose, 121 private yoga classes can really help. I will give you the tools. For me, yoga is freedom, and this means not to belong to any "tribal ideology", yoga is in constant evolution (like us humans) and nowadays in my limited opinion, should include "active participation" in advocating freedom in all areas, such as freedom of movement and expression, helping and caring rather than following the global capitalist movement of self-interest, self-care to the expense of others and other selfish, individualistic harmful trends. Stand up for human rights and inclusion of minorities. 

Private Classes or a 121 can be a handy tool to learn something, which is more in line with your specific body type. Maybe you don´t like to be in a group setting and would like to enjoy a private session either at your home or at the teacher´s home.


You will learn the use of props (I am Iyengar trained) to assist the posture and body type. I help you to fit the posture to your body, rather than your body to the posture. We can adapt the class to your level and needs. Do you prefer a flow, do you prefer to work very gentle, do you have an injury or any other issue? With more than 15 years of teaching experience and many workshops and intensives attended, I can help you to improve your body alignment and well being. Maybe you want to practice yoga with your family or your partner? Send me an email, and we discuss it further.

In my second teacher training with a highly experienced Iyengar Teacher in India, she told us that Mr Iyengar said once "in the first two years of our teaching we should pay the students". I guess what he meant is that maturity and knowledge take time and can not be rushed and observation is significant and the first years of us teaching should serve to observe and learn from the people who come to us. I started for a couple of years, only giving classes to tiny groups, and it was not until later that I started to teach big groups.  


Having worked in gyms and studios for more than 10 years, my focus is more and more getting back to the person with an individualized practice. I keep updating my knowledge, and I am happy to give you a free consultation.


Private classes allow you to work on a one-to-one basis and allow you to take your practice of yoga further; recover from an injury, or start yoga as a beginner in a safe environment. ​

Frequent concerns before starting with yoga practice:

  • I am too old and not flexible enough (you can start yoga at any stage of your life cycle, and it does not matter how flexible or inflexible you are. You will feel better, and your whole being will rejuvenate.

  • I don’t want esoteric therapy (I am a very down to earth person. I back up my studies with scientific knowledge and purely use the ancient science of yoga to live my life fuller and being more mindful of myself and others. Love is evolution and helping others compassionately to feel better, but to tell people anything without any substance is in my eyes blinding people and the blind cannot lead the blind). 

  • I feel conscious in front of others (take some 121 classes and you will soon feel more confident)

  • I am not religious (you don't have to be religious at all, the less you believe in dogmatic power relationships). Yoga, for me, is about absolute freedom. 


Let me assure you yoga will embrace any age, any flexibility regardless of sex, age, race yoga is completely for everyone as long as you are curious and ready to embark on self-transformation. 


Yoga is all about the movement of energy throughout your body(s) and on the first instance communication and connection with your brain and the rest of your body.

You will feel more vital given you do the right practice. It is not about stretch or strength, although ultimately you will become subtler without feeling the intense stretch and stronger without feeling stressed or tense.


Yoga will make you more relaxed without feeling passive, you actively relax and can continue living an active life, but with more ease. Your energy levels will improve and all this without needing to breathe more than normal or/and making your heart beat faster. The cardiovascular circulation will happen without stress and strain your heart.

You start to obtain a cellular intelligence and stop over-thinking in your head. You can through effective yoga practice, satiate your appetite (or change urges) without having to eat too much or the wrong kind of foods. You will find that you sleep better and may need less sleep, but feel rested.


Yoga is so much more than being flexible and really think about it, and we need more compassionate loving people in this world!! Can you be one of them? Come and take 121 Yoga Classes with me. I make sure you learn step by step the main postures with integrity and safety. You will soon feel the liberating effect of yoga. Yoga is freedom. Freedom from all those judgments about age, culture, sex, race etc. Yoga is without authority within you and waits for it to be released to enjoy a more joyful existence being able to love freely.

Call me or email me for a free consultation.

Class passes – private classes or workshops.

  • All class passes have an expiry date.  A 10-class voucher is valid for 3 months. Passes cannot be suspended or extended free of charge except in exceptional circumstances.  Any decision to suspend or extend a pass is at the discretion of Sundara Yoga.

  • Class passes activate on the day of purchase.

  • Class passes are assigned to individual client accounts and cannot be shared between clients.

  • No refunds will be given on class passes once purchased.


All of our classes are non-refundable, non-transferable and have strict expiration dates.


I" was fortunate to find Claudia teaching regular classes in Hove and found her style very engaging and accessible. She is incredibly knowledgeable but has the ability to explain anything from anatomy to yoga philosophy in a way that a student of any level can understand. Claudia's very generous with her time, and would answer questions I had after classes."

Private Classes are ideal for 

  • Beginners, who want to learn step by step before going into a big group setting or feel they don't get the necessary attention

  • Advanced or Intermediate who would like to deepen their practice

  • Yogis who need help to establish their own home practice

  • High-performance sport or fitness people who either recover from an injury or need to balance and relax before a competition

  • Anyone else

“There is no progress toward ultimate freedom without transformation, and this is the key issue in all lives.” 
― B.K.S. IyengarLight on Life