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Yoga for Seniors Online - slow and gentle yoga for you

Yoga for seniors introduces more gentle and slow sequences. We will use chairs and other props. Those sequences are especially good if you suffer from Arthritis or painful joint movements. Join me for a gentle, safe, slow and effective online yoga practices. 

Send me an email and we can arrange a time where I can call you to discuss further. 

 Take out some time on the mat in the own comfort of your home for this relaxing and gentle Yoga Class. Relieve stress and feel good! This is a class that will help you to improve your mental health and physique. Ideal for beginners, seniors or people who prefer to practice a gentle yoga class. 

Share your experience and let me know how you felt. 

What type of yoga is best for seniors?

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Mindful Yoga

  • Meditational Yoga

  • Slow Pace Yoga 

  • Emphasis on Breathing 

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

  • Restore Flexibility and Strenght

  • In-home Yoga means you don't' have to travel

  • Be in the own comfort of your home

  • Get support

  • Keep your vitality high

  • Enjoy life

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