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Hello there, welcome to my page that speaks about the business of yoga, where you can expect some yoga marketing tips. 


My name is Claudia and in addition, to having a passion for yoga as a way of life, I’m a marketing expert and traveller obsessed with all things marketing and travel. My mission? To help you to build a successful ethical yoga business and do what you love.

Regardless if you are a new start-up yoga studio, own a small yoga studio, or would like to have a personal yoga website, I am here to help. I particularly would like to help small yoga studio owners, newly graduated yoga teachers, and any other health-related business. I can assist with yoga website design, marketing for yoga, and offer business training courses. 

Affordable Marketing for small businesses:

  • help with building a website

  • digital marketing strategy

  • optimizing (SEO) services

  • content creating (Keyword search and ideas)

  • social media management etc.

  • Email Marketing 

I take a holistic approach to managing marketing and we develop strategies together to compliment or build your own brand. By offering a range of services, including; strategy and planning, website optimization, copywriting, content creation and social media management, our consultancy is personal and cost-effective for small businesses.

Send me an email and introduce yourself.

Read my blog about marketing tips 



The Business of Yoga and Business of Wellness course is tailored for yoga instructors regardless of the style of yoga they teach or if they teach part or full-time and for any other alternative health provider, who would like to receive some business training, so that your business thrives.

Yoga teachers know about the challenges teaching yoga can bring. Often, we must complement our income with a part or full-time job and therefore are not able to devote as much to our passion as we would love to. It’s a vicious circle and unless you are blessed with a partner that is the main breadwinner or/ and are rich, you often have to forsake the passion for yoga for another job to earn your subsistence.


The Business of Yoga and Wellbeing is a course run for teachers and therapists such as 


  • Newly Graduated Yoga Teachers

  • Yoga Start-Ups

  • Small Yoga Studios

  • Massage Therapists

  • Acupuncturists,

  • Nutritionists,

  • Cranio-sacral practitioners,

  • Reiki Practitioners

  • and anyone else offering complementary therapies


  • Yoga advertising or advertising the service you offer (massages, acupuncture, reiki etc.)

  • How to create a mission statement or an elevator pitch.

  • How to select a niche.

  • Successful Blog and Content Creation (almost 100 writers tips).

  • Learn how to increase organically website traffic (so you do not have to pay a fortune on SEO or to an advertisement agency.

  • Different ways to promote your yoga classes or wellness offer (e.g. email marketing etc. – and social media).

  • Branding your business?

  • Effective use of imagery/video.

  • Price and price positioning – how to set a price which works for you and your students

  • How to create an effective website that generates leads – without employing, as mentioned before, an SEO agency. Effective keyword research and

  • How to become confident turning your yoga passion into your yoga business

  • How to create a tracking system (to see if your hard work pays off)


All courses currently are held online or alternatively at Upstairs at Six in Hove.

Next Business of Yoga Course – 9 January and 16 January 2021  

9am – 1pm, 8 hours, to book please contact me.

1-2-1 session if you would prefer a 121 session, 4hours, please get in touch with me.  

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