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Read some Reviews and Testimonials about Sundara Yoga Flow with Claudia:

"The instructor was extremely kind and helpful at suggesting modifications of poses considering I was a complete beginner. She gave personalised support with poses."
7 June 2017 5:31pm 10

Sundara Flow with Claudia at Sundara Yoga Flow - The Loft

"I really enjoyed Claudia's class and her style of teaching. The venue is also lovely."
7 June 2017 12:40pm 10
Sundara Flow with Claudia at Sundara Yoga Flow - The Loft


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Reviews on YogaTrail: 

Kristal Jacovides February 2, 2016

Average: 5.0

Beautiful Yoga!

Taught by the lovely kind-hearted Claudia . Beginners to advanced will benefit from Claudia's wide range of knowledge.

Helen S January 11, 2016

Average: 5.0

A very progressive teacher

I love being taught yoga by Claudi. She is open, warm and intuitively knows when her students wish to deepen their practice - physically and spiritually. I always learn something new when I attend her classes and leave feeling touched by the magic of her yoga :-)

Judy Colaneri January 1, 2016

Average: 5.0

Claudia is a pleasure to work with.

Claudia has led several retreats at my yoga center in Asturias and on the Camino de Santiago for Spanish Steps. She's easy to work with, very personable with the clients and is very passionate about what she is teaching. I'm always thrilled to work with her.

Tj Waight 

"Claudia was my first instructor to yoga and I found her very helpful in explaining everything we did in class and what effect the moves had on our body and mind. I found it very relaxing and calming which in turn helped in my busy work life. I would not hesitate in recommending Claudia to anyone as her classes are informative and fun!"

Agnes Munday Brighton, UK

"Claudia's classes are the best I have attended in many years of regular practice. She teaches real yoga, which is refreshing in these days of "yoga-light workouts". Her teaching is both precise and inspired, respectful of the body, offering different levels for each asana, and truly yoking breath, body and mind. Even after 30 years of practice, I have left each of her classes feeling that I have learnt something new that deepens my practice. I can thoroughly recommend her sessions."

Rachel Elizabeth Smith Jerez De La Frontera

"I have been a student of Claudia’s in her weekly classes and also on her weekend retreats in the south of Spain. Claudia is an accomplished teacher. Her classes really focused me on improving my alignment and breathing. I learnt a lot about different types of yoga and also different aspects of yoga practice and philosophy. She is down to earth and approachable and I always laughed a lot and had fun in her classes. She made me challenge my preconceptions about yoga practice. I really miss my classes with Claudia and look forward to attending one of her retreats in the near future. Rachel Elizabeth Smith Jerez De La Frontera"

Yasmin Rivas 

"Thank you for all your huge input during the course. I learnt so much from it, you have helped me to realise what I am capable of, I will never look at my body in the same way again. I will certainly look to do another one in the future." Yasmin

Read some of the comments and testimonials from lovely people who have come to my yoga classes all over the years: 

Loz Hutchinson 

I remember my first yoga class with Claudia. She came round and put an essential oil blend on my forehead during savasana. I knew then I would be back! Good instruction and a very warm and caring person.

Emily Campion 

I love yoga with Claudia. Her classes have a lovely flow and a really positive vibe. I have learnt so much with her already. She is complete with you throughout the whole class, giving constant instructions, options and feedback. I always come out feeling great and would highly recommend yoga with Claudia.

Siân Lacey 

What can I say about Claudia that hasn't already been said. She is a professional, personable and a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to yoga and life. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome at every single class. She helps you to get into the right position and makes small adjustments as and when you need them. During each relaxation, her calming voice removes all of the nasties from the day: a very passionate yoga teacher and mentor. I would highly recommend her!

Charlotte Grosvenor 

Claudia is a really kind, thoughtful yoga teacher. I love her classes, and despite only practising for 5 months I now feel much more confident. She generates warmth, and this makes going to her classes a pleasure—an excellent practitioner.

Naomi Suzanne Alder 

Claudia is a yoga expert. She gives really helpful and constant instruction and feedback throughout the class; the classes have a great flow and vibe, very positive and fine for any level of experience. Challenging but also safe and friendly.

Elise Pithouse 

Claudia is a brilliant yoga teacher. Her classes are enjoyable, uplifting and expertly guided. Claudia provided me with advice for specific injuries that really helped with rehabilitation. Always a pleasure to attend her classes :-)


"I really enjoyed the advice on protecting the knees. It was a great class - thank you" Dee, "I really enjoyed the course. It was different from any other class I've been to. I loved the focus on theory and learning the background. Also, I felt the focus on different anatomy each week was really beneficial." Sophie,

Alison White

By the way, I should have mentioned that I really enjoyed your classes and learned a lot about my body.  As an instructor, you put much effort into helping people and making the classes informative. 

Very best wishes for your future success as you deserve it.

Kind regards


"From my very first class, I knew I'd found something very special in Claudia's teaching. She uses her years of experience to create classes that are suitable for all levels, giving students the permission and confidence to enjoy their practice on the day, finding the sweet spot between effort and compassion. Her classes are varied and often tailored to the needs of the students on the day. Claudia has a wonderful ability to reference deep philosophical concepts or detailed anatomy in a way that are accessible to both new and more experienced students. Claudia gives us so much of herself to her students. I often write down some of her words of wisdom after class to savour during the week."