Do you suffer from lower back pain? Stiff neck or neck pain? Frozen shoulders? Wrist problems? Ankles? I can help you to stabilise your joints and gain mobility back. Therapeutic yoga is more than you get in a normal yoga class at the gym or busy studio.

Yoga can be healing, but in order for you to feel that you are healing, you have to let your body function as naturally as possible.

Sometimes certain asanas are performed in every yoga class, but those asanas (postures) may actually harm your body. It is the same when you take too much of a certain medicine, too much can harm your body.

To find the right balance for you body / mind is a complex issue.


An experienced teacher will know what a good sequence for you is. Yoga teachers are no doctors and if you have a serious condition, it is always advisable to consult a doctor prior of embarking any exercise regime.


However, certain methods and sequences can help you to alleviate pain and increase the communication of your brain to the rest of your body. Sequences can help to boost your confidence, general wellbeing and boost morale.


Yoga does calm the nerves (if practiced correctly – note: often yoga is seen as fitness and the use of the core is overemphasised, therefore often switching on the sympathetic nervous system creating more stress and tension with the promise of a flexible and strong body).


The underlying aim of yoga therapy is to allow you to function as natural as possible. It is often not a cure, but more a deeper analysis in finding out the causes and target them, which should alleviate the pain experienced.


Yoga therapy provides an holistic approach to healing and includes in a sense physiotherapy, psychotherapy and spiritual therapy. Through the movement of energy and blood we are able to increase those flows to affected areas, which have become insensitive by over tensioning of those parts.

Healing takes time and one should have a lot of patience.

You can get to Sundara Yoga Flow either by taking Bus Nr 1,1a or 6 getting off Richardson Raod or Wish Road and than walk down Berriedale Avenue or Number 700 getting off Wish Road South.  For further info. send me an email or call me. 

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"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee


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We are based in West Hove, but also can come to surrounding areas, such as Portslade, Hove, Brighton, Shoreham and Worthing  for 121 yoga classes

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