Yoga Classes


"Exhale slowly and fully. Pause. Then exhale again. There is always a slight residue left in the lungs. In that residue is to be found the sludge of toxic memory and ego. In that brief further exhalation, let them go - and experience an even deeper state of relief from the burden, of peace and emptiness. In inhalation we experience the full "I", human potential fulfilled and raised like a brimming cup in offering or oblation to the Cosmic Divine. In exhalation, we experience the empty "I", the divine void, a nothingness that is complete and perfect, a death that is not the end of life. Try it. Exhale slowly and fully. Pause. Then exhale again."

BKS Iyengar, Light on Life​


How complete is your exhalation? Do you feel you can let go? Autumn is all about transformation, surrender and letting go. The summer days are over, and we slow down to nourish and prepare for the wintertime. I am delighted to offer you a Restore and Rest Workshop, in which we will prepare and with the exhalation let go of all that we don’t need anymore so that we are deeply rested and restored.



If you like me love Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, and have Vata as your main dosha, read about some tips to balance the Vata element this autumn.  Autumn is a season dominated by the Vata element and to bring it into balance, mindful and calm movement is necessary with a lot of rest. If Vata is in balance, you will feel creative and calm.

 Give yourself the time and space you need to fully relax and energise and let go of toxic memory and ego. Learn the foundation of yoga from the core out and feet up. Learn how to move mindfully and listen to your body. 

I have worked for over five years in gyms, over 5 years in Yoga Studios and for almost 5 years, I had my own studio in Southern Spain.


Yoga for me is more than fitness, more than sport (although you might just see with the right technique how you become fit and how yoga can supplement your exercise regime in any other sport activity. In the past, I have given classes to martial arts groups, golfers, footballers and high-performance athletes, but also to former drug addicts and cancer survivors. 

Mindful management of your practice can lead you to feel more alert and vital. 

My motto is 'quality over quantity' and this is what I try to create in any class, workshop or yoga retreat you will find me. 

Send me an email and I am happy to design your own individual class. 

I am running a yoga teacher training programme and can recommend some classes of former students of mine, who are now outstanding yoga teachers!



Interested in yoga classes in Portslade? 

Get in touch with me if you want to design your own class in Portslade or want to come to one of the classes I offer at present in West Hove.

In the summer we are going to be back giving yoga classes at the beach, close to the Hove Lagoon (next to Portslade) or in Wish Park.

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