Yoga Spirals

When I started my yoga teacher training with Godfrey Devereux in 2003, all I remember was "spirals" everywhere! Yoga Spirals are energetic, dynamic movements. There are spirals in the arms, legs, trunk etc.

Our Universe and the natural world is filled with spirals. Spirals have also been the inspiration for architectural forms and ancient symbols.

Yoga posture practise is not simply creating geometrical shapes with the body but also manipulating energy and information flow. Every shape has a spiral dynamic that connects parts of the body to another part. Here something out of my yoga teacher training manual to reflect upon:

"Mother Earth has curves, and so do we. These are sometimes called spirals. Energy twirls around each line through its journey through our body. When we assist, we must take this into account, so if you look at your student, think of the inner energetic dynamic rather than the perfect linear alignment. Maybe thinking in spirals helps us to move more naturally and be less rigid when we practice asanas or even walk".

A good practice is to imagine this when you practice the sun salute. I remember Godfrey calling little vinyasa movements "ullolas" (waves). Can you move more fluid? In Viniyoga this is used by moving in and out of shape mindfully.

Come to my next beginner course starting 13 January at 6 pm.

£45 for 6 weeks or £8 for each session.

"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee.


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