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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The real yoga revolution is to be aware. that we can reduce suffering for all! Compassion for all workers all over the world. Today is international workers day. Can you pause and dedicate some time to those that are about to lose their jobs. Can you give them some thought, some of your time and maybe even finance? There are people all over the world, losing their jobs and livelihood. Yes, I also have lost my job, and I am going online to bring you what you need - digitally, but often you will get me so close to the screen that you may question social distancing!

open your heart

Sending you love!

Should you as a yoga teacher or yoga practitioner watch the news...

Of course, it is all about balance, but to announce that you do not watch the news shows (in my opinion) the selfish self-care people are involved in our neo-liberal society. People around the world are suffering from the impact of the Corona Virus. People have been suffering before. You know why? Because people who don’t want to know are blind to people who have it hard. Blind because they are ignorant and sometimes selfish and greedy. After all, this is what society has told us to do for ages, right? It's about self -care, taking out the time for yourself, everybody for themselves etc. You are worth it! Everybody should be aware of what is happening around them. It's some kind of social responsibility. How can we be compassionate, or can we even teach about compassion if all we do in our life is to avoid conflict and suffering? It is necessary to open the eyes and be aware of what is happening around you and the world. Of course, here the act of discerning well which news channel to follow is important. Maybe yoga or real yoga comes in handy, that is, to listen with empathy but without attachment to the suffering, but to say “I am not watching the news” (and I heard a couple of people saying this), frightens me. It shocks me.

The international labour organisation says that about 1.6 billion people could be out of work because of the Corona Virus. Rich people have let go of their domestic cleaners without paying them anymore. How selfish is this? It does not bring any hardship to them to continue paying for those people even they are presently not there.

Some people don’t have a fridge! They cannot store food. Most don’t have any savings. I urge you to help where you can. If you are still in a job and receiving some income, give some of it to others! Not to those who moan or love to moan about their situation with no real reason, but to those who need help.

Please support the idea of “us” and “we are in this together” instead of thinking only about yourself. This narcissistic “it’s only me” culture has led to nothing good. Can we change it? Can you be part of the change? Who cares about shapes in yoga? The real revolution is to be together and united again! Being aware of what is going on, so you can act.

What do you think?



Join the yoga revolution! Be kind! Be honest! Listen! Help others!

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