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Updated: Jan 12

Dear All,

My classes last week have focussed on Jyoti. Jyoti translates as something like “spiritual force” or “light”. From next week, I invite you to my upcoming life online classes. If you wish to receive online tuition with me, please let me know, and I will send you a link. Send me your phone number and add you on WhatsApp or send you the link via email. You will have to download Zoom.

"Compassion and empathy comes from deep down within us, but in order to be able to feel it, you must feel love and also be able to keep the faith"

Every act of kindness raises the vibrations of the universe right now.

We can only show compassion and empathy when we start to embrace ourselves and overall let love be our dominant emotion. In times like this, our minds get dull, and we tend to be negative. Fear, negative experiences and the inability to break free from those emotions is a sign that you are depriving yourself of love.

Anahata Chakra (the heart chakra) is the chakra that transcends our mundane associations. As I often mention in a yoga class, it is essential never to forget our heart when we make decisions. The union of your intellect with the heart is symbolised when we make the Namaste gesture. The translation of anahata is “unstruck”, meaning deep down the heart is unbreakable, untouchable, and nobody can change this. Deep down, there is where universal unselfish love resides. What can we do to enlighten our spiritual force or light?

It starts by becoming aware that your words contribute to how others may feel. Don't use words such as "panic", it's an "awful situation" and change them to more uplifting words, such as it is a "challenge" "strength" "compassion" "empathy" "love" "we can do it together" and "help" etc.

Help to spread facts and not “fake” news and rumours. Only share credible statements from health authorities, scientists and the government. Correct and positive thinking is of utmost importance right now. Have faith and don’t rely on fantasy and fate! Surround yourself with people who have faith and be one of them that is rather to doom the situation, give unlimited faith to everybody around you. To have faith here does not mean to believe in a supernatural power who comes to help you and others, but to have faith means to have faith in your own strong-willed helping attitude. Therefore, the first step is to change your own way of thinking, try to be hopeful, faithful to the community's spirit. You affect everyone with what you say and do, so please be aware of your contribution to other people's mental wellbeing and peaceful solutions in general. You are part of the whole world, and the whole world is in you. The more we surround ourselves with positive, nice, compassionate people, the more we can handle a challenging situation.

Try to listen only at a given time to the news. Don't listen all day to the news. Find some time away and do some yoga and meditation. Below I will list my online options.

It's now than never where we have to take responsibility for our and other people’s destiny versus falling into the trap of simply being a victim of fate.

Open your heart

Inhale and feel that loving-kindness you open your heart, inhale loving-kindness and abundance, exhale and give this love and kindness to people around you!

Anahata is where universal and unlimited love resides. A the end of this blog, I have included a little loving-kindness meditation (meta). It's only 8 minutes, so try it out. It's my first video ever, I am still getting at grips with this all, but this is my first contribution to you all.

Lighten up your mind

Your mind gets dark and dull and full of fear when you lack compassion or vice versa. This expresses itself in negative, pessimistic attitudes, apprehensions, fears and other negative mental expressions, like resisting changes “that’s what I have not signed up to, I wanted to go on holiday, I planned this and that etc.”. Therefore, it is important to stay alert and real. If this was not enough, your mind starts to create fantasies and mental disturbances led by fear. You are losing the connection with your heart!

This loss of compassion and connection to your heart foremost is the compassion and loss of love you deprive yourself off. When you are holding off love, it's tough to give compassion. Once you have learnt not to be guided by fear and hurt, you can love yourself and give love. You can heal and be healed once you let your heart shine. You see the cup half full and not half empty. This requires a constant effort to train your mind and have faith in the ability to do so.

May we all let our hearts shine and not hold back love and compassion! May be all be carriers of love, empathy and compassion! It's now more than ever needed. Let your heart be illuminated so that you can brighten up your mind. Om Jyoti Atma

The teacher training is going ahead, and I still have a couple of spaces. The course is a self-development training that gets your spiritual force working!

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