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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I love my online yoga classes. I love to practice with some of my students together, and all this has helped us to master better some challenging times.

I have been teaching for over 15 years now in different studios and gyms, and it did never occur to me to teach online.

In the past, I have often found it hard to reconcile my love with yoga as a philosophy with the business mind of so many studios and gyms. I just don't fit into a box, and I am OK with that.

I do not fit into an Iyengar only class, Vinyasa only yoga class, Yin only or Restorative etc. – I listen and look at my audience in front of me and then decide what is best for their bodies.

Also, I am not from one single place where I have lived all my life, so I truly feel "international", I sometimes wished I would have stayed in my home town, but I was too curious and went travelling and living in different places, so I have friends all over the world. So online yoga has given me the portal of what I truly am. You can join me from Spain, the US, Australia etc., so I have had actually friends from Spain, France etc. joining.

Despite that Corvid 19 is a real challenge, it has made me realize how much energy I wasted in the past to get to various studios to teach one hour of a class. I love to invite people into my space and connect with them before a class. Of course, the connection is not as perfect as it is meeting in person, but here I list a few advantages of online yoga:

1) People have to really start to bend and stretch less and listen more to sensations in their own body! Of course, the teacher needs to remind them of this.

2) You can be in the own comfort of your own home and use blankets, cushions and build your own altar, that is, put a candle on, incense if you like it, even background music! Your own music. Oh yogi, did I'm not too fond of some music some teachers have put on. It makes me cringe, so how nice for everybody to choose what they like

3) You don’t have to compare yourself with anybody, but people are still there afterwards to share your experience. However, you can switch off and stay in savasana, or meditation a bit longer!

4) It just saves so much time! No bus, no train, no car pollution to get to your class

5) No background noise, reception talking too loud, other people or fitness instructors’ noise!

6) Sometimes, you see a cat, a god or a child cuddling up to one of the participants and this is just wonderful

7) You can record it and send it to everybody afterwards, and if they really liked the class, they could continue practising the sequence you have chosen

8) Adjustments or inner alignment cues must come from yourself, that is, like the first point, you learn how to really tune into your own body and feel what is good for you!

9) no expensive studio hire and at the same time attract, market and sell spaces

10) no pressure in wearing any expensive Sweaty Betty gear. I was surprised how many take their leggings and yoga outfit so serious and go shopping for all utensils possible. Just be comfortable! No showing off!

11) No big classes where people walk over your mat and the sweat drops on your mat because everybody is so close to each other. Never mind the body odour!

12) No clique formation! So annoying when the teacher has her favourite admirers around, and you don't feel part of this or a group within the yoga group dynamic is created. Have you had this happening to you? Do they leave the airport after a retreat or a class with somebody? Their friend who comes to the retreat or class? Well, I prefer to treat all my students equally and either we all leave together or arrange it together.

Namaste Claudia

Get in touch and join one of my next online classes or workshops :)

A former student came back to me and added to this list: You can arrange your own room temperature! It is a valid point. If you are cold, you close the window, if you need air, you open th

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