Yoga Classes Brighton 

"Claudi is a very experienced Teacher. I have always found her classes have always been interesting, informative, challenging and fun. I love them and can't wait till I can go to the next one."

Gill Mitchell, BWY

All classes are currently lifestreaming online classes. 

I specialize in 121 classes, therapeutic classes, yoga holidays, workshops and teacher training. 

Please send an email if you want some more information. 

You find me also at David Lloyd and around Brighton and Hove occasionally covering classes.

Move GB members welcome.

Interested in Yoga Classes in Brighton contact Claudia. I am happy to design a course for you or a small group. For all other classes in Hove or Portslade, click here

Hello :) I live and teach in Brighton and Hove since 2014 coming form Barcelona where I taught yoga for 5 years in yoga studios all-around Barcelona. Before that, I taught yoga in Southern Spain for 5 years, I travelled to Asia for almost 2 years, and before that, I started yoga in the UK's capital London. I was lucky to have had some excellent teachers. I studied Mysore Self Practice with John Scott, Alex, and Hemish Hendry, Iyenger in India with Karin O´Bannon in Rishikesh, Arun in Bangalore and attended a workshop with Patthabi Jois. 

Sundara Yoga Flow for me does not entail any dogmatic belief, but connecting with yourself and ultimately with everything. Yoga is not about stretching, tensioning or strength, although ultimately you may get more flexible, stronger and balanced. On a physical level, you start by connecting your brain to your body, increasing the communication and flow of energy and consciousness throughout your body. I follow Simon Borg's Synergy approach and advise: "Stretch less, tense less, bend less, breathe less"... 

Sundara Flow is an energetic fun practice that will reinvigorate you with vital energy and make you feel alert and strong yet balanced and relaxed. A powerful sequence that will move and increase your ojas, ayurvedic word for "vigour". 

The Brighton yoga classes are a mixture of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga with a strong bias on Synergy Yoga with a sense of humour and adaptation, making your practice enjoyable and safe. 

I focus on the upper limbs, shoulders, organs of actions for the neck and upper back, the heart and also will focus on the lower limbs, organs of action for the organs of action for the sacrum, lumbar spine and organs of digestion and reproduction.

You will get a good foundation with a series of basic yoga poses (standing, seated, balancing, back arching and inverting), also proper breathing to enhance the long term alkalinity of your body and overall you will develop a personal awareness to move in and out of the postures. 

Moving actively from the core without force, increasing the flow of energy and communication throughout your body. This practice is suitable for everybody. The focus is a more subtle spine. 

Sundara Yoga balances strength and flexibility, and you will learn how to enjoy each pose to the full and know how to avoid injury. Maybe you approach the real meaning of YOGA, moving energy consciously to feel more content ultimately and realize your full potential.  


Yoga Teacher Hove Claudia Steinhauser