My philosophy as a yoga teacher

Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Claudia and I have been giving yoga classes internationally since 2004. I believe that yoga is more than just being on the mat practising shapes. I take all my life experiences in my classes and constantly learn and update my skills. I have studied social studies, philosophy (west and eastern and comparison), psychology. For me, yoga is my life and not only work. I don't see my life purpose as much as having a job or career, but taking every step in life with a newer understanding. 

I started to teach on a little massage parlour on Ko Tao in Thailand 2004 giving my first yoga courses after graduating from a second teacher training in India with a senior Iyengar Teacher. I called this course "Dive deeper into your yoga practice. Before that I worked for an international NGO, learning about empowerment and justice and travelled all over the world. 

I volunteered for Amnesty International in the Columbia department and when living in Spain I worked with former drug and alcoholic addicts offering them yoga and meditation. In India, I volunteered and worked with a local NGO. 


My classes stress emphasis on self-awareness and involve a mindful flow adapting yoga postures to a modern body and learning step by step in a safe and enjoyable way. 

In all classes, self-inquiry and self-reflection is part of the mindful flow.

In 2005 I moved to Southern Spain and run a little yoga studio and retreat place. My journey took me also to Barcelona where I gave classes in one fabulous centre right in the heart of Gracia Yoga con Gracia for 5 years and also other centres. I started to collaborates with SpanishSteps Wellness and teaching on their awesome premises in the mountains of Asturias and to teach yoga on the Canino de Santiago and the spent one-month teaching in Ibiza before moving back to the UK.


I really wish to thank all my present, future and past teachers, Petra and Becky for having been my first teachers and friends in London, John Scott for having inspired me, especially in the first workshop, to take yoga more serious, Godfrey for going deeper, Karin for pushing me to action, Arun in Bangalore for having relaxed and restored me and the children of Samarthanam for having given me so much love and feeling yoga!!

In 2011 I set exams to be recognized by AEPY (equivalent to the British Wheel of Yoga) as a Yoga Teacher. 

Why do I call it Sundara? 

Sundara means "beautiful", "lovely" or/and "noble" and that is what yoga is for me. "Yoga for me does not entail any dogmatic belief, but connecting with yourself and ultimately with everything. Yoga is not about stretching, tensioning or strength, although ultimately you may get more flexible, stronger and balanced.

Every posture has a simple and more complex variety so that the practice is suitable equally for a beginner as a more advanced yoga practitioner. Sundara Yoga Flow is energising Yoga. A dynamic practice actively moving from the core. Through a powerful warrior practice, you will gain strength, flexibility and core stability. We focus on a strong standing flow combined with balance and increased flexibility.

Outdoor Yoga in Barcelona

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Sundara Yoga Flow

Sundara Yoga Teacher Training 

"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee


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