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Ten very good reasons To Go On a Yoga Weekend Retreat - don't let money spoil it! Love yourself.

Is money holding you back? Think about it for a moment. Do you think retreats are only for other people? Do you see others doing it, but look for reasons to justify why they are doing it but not you?

Do you believe that others are blessed with better opportunities and therefore can permit themselves to go and do something beneficial for themselves? So often when we look at those things, we let money determine our decisions of not to do it or say: “not yet” “maybe later”.

Don’t erase your own ability to do something good for yourself, an experience values so much more than buying a new kitchen.

Don’t ever assume you know the truth about others. It might not be easy for them to do what they do, but yet they have the courage and determination to improve their life with experiences. It's all about making true priorities in your life about what to choose. Stop saying “I would love to come, but I can’t afford it”. Of course, there are REAL cases of people not being able to afford it, but let’s face it most of us may use it as an excuse not to be loving to themselves and live with this constant fear of not “enough”.....

Most of those people have TVs (I haven’t got one), a car (I haven’t got one), a mortgage (I haven’t got one), a pet (I haven’t got one, even thus I wish for one, but I am currently not allowed to have one where I live), they have nicer furniture then I have etc. People pretend to be stressed about their financial situation, yet you see them riding a horse or buying a new pair of expensive boots.

It is all about priorities, but don’t get stressed about financial misery if you haven’t got one. People think everything would be better if they just had a bit more money and what they have is not “enough”, yet it is proven psychologically that the more you have this feeling of not having “enough” will not go away but INCREASE.

Give life a chance to amaze you and go for it! Life is full of possibilities, don’t let money hold you back. Fill your life with experiences. Just when I was brewing myself another ginseng coffee (I will write about it - I promise, it's the best alternative to coffee I found) I thought how lucky I was to have lived and travelled in India for one year! This experience stays with me forever!

Some shared learned experiences people wrote down last year:

"Shared experiences, book recommendations and discovering people from other creative backgrounds"

"Slowing down, going with the flow, accepting people as they are and being able to stay neutral or positive towards everyone I met"

"I’ve loved the enthusiasm, positive energy you created among the group. Thanks for sharing Tips how to protect knees and Joints, you don’t learn that in a normal yoga class at the gym. Keep smiling it’s contagious"

"I’ve learnt everything! Yoga is more about philosophy than movement. Brilliant teaching and inspiring"

"Lovely, peaceful and relaxing weekend, beautiful venue. I got energy and joy, thank you"

"Met lovely people and learned to be kind to my body and learned to bend less and protect joints. Enjoyed the weekend, Claudia you give a lot to class, all appreciated very much."

"Sense of self through the awareness of my body via your lovely soul and knowledge of yoga. Thanks"

"Thank you! I really enjoyed the weekend and your approach to teaching of yoga, which I feel is positive and accepted of all and differences, strength and individualized"


"I learnt that we are all on our path and suffer, but with love and joy and mutual understanding and care we can mindfully overcome this pain and do "good" (opposite of being self-centred). To connect with like-minded people the shakti is strong."

"A real sense of feeling a part of something very special"



Ok, if this is not enough, I give you 10 further good reasons to go on a Yoga Weekend Retreat:

1. You'll take your yoga practice to the next level. It is just not the same to come to a class or be on a retreat. A retreat has more time and quality and you will dive deeper into your self and your yoga practice! You might learn a mantra, you will learn something about the philosophy of yoga, you might finally have this chat with people or the teacher about your neck and shoulder problems.

2. Meditation on your own might be nice, but to meditate in the presence of others helps and you will be surprised how deep you can go. There will be no partner, family member, flatmate, dog, doorbell or phone interrupting you.

3. You'll relax and de-stress. Being at home and relaxing there is nice but getting out of your home and the usual environment really helps to relax more fully.

4. Feel light for a weekend, leave all day to day worries and concentrate on your inner being. Be taken care of and not to worry about any tasks. Just be and don’t do. Attachment can constrain our vision and we are not able to see a wider perspective. Being detached from our day to day routine can help to broaden our perspectives.

5. Detox digitally, be with people, nature and practice yoga and go walking. You breathe in the fresh air and are less likely to be on Facebook, Instagram etc. You will have ACTUALLY conversations with humans.

6. A new perspective might come after that weekend, I have seen people transforming on a weekend away and changing things in their life. Change the environment and you may also change your perspective. You talk to people and sometimes you will be surprised how looking at something in a new light will do for you. People are very supportive of each other on a yoga weekend.

7. Be served, does this not feel good, you do your practice and here we go you are ready to eat lovely organic food prepared for you. You just sit down and enjoy the creativity and love of others. You don’t have to think about the recipes, buying ingredients – nothing but eating, and enjoy!

8. We make new friends. Like-minded people come together and share a weekend with each other. So, you are bound to meet nice people.

9. You come home refreshed and rejuvenated and with new spirits to face day to day life again, but hopefully with some new acquired healthy habits.

10. You deserve to recycle yourself, be away from all the obligations and tasks for one weekend. Don’t let the worry of not having “enough” stop you. We all to often enter “burnout” stages and a weekend away can do miracles for you. It’s for the best of everybody to retreat and restore yourself 😊

Find out more about the next trip I plan to Tilton House in July (5-7). In the midst of the national park of the beautiful South Downs, Tilton House has been mentioned in the Guardian as one of the best UK retreat centres. Call me on 07919089934 or email me on

We also have the 2020 Yoga Teacher Training dates available! Our 2019 course is in full swings and I am happy to invite you to 2020 one. We will offer a couple of tasters soon.

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