Why do people not reply? Are modern Yogis polite and mindful?

Updated: Mar 18

The politeness of an answer. Why do people not reply? A busy world and lack of politeness has penetrated every stratum of society.

This is a general subject that affects everybody. However, I used to believe that people who practise yoga were more aware; you will be surprised how many people don't see it as necessary anymore to reply!

No response is a powerful answer

Have you heard this before? Have you noticed that more and more people in the age of social media feel that they do not need to respond? People do not respond even to an email or a message that is directly addressed to them! They only respond if it suits them. They ignore. Sure, here and again, there is the possibility that they have just forgotten to respond, but I have noticed this unpolite behaviour more and more in the last 10 years or so.

I still respond (of course not to spam), but I respond to emails directly directed to me and even if it is to say “sorry, I am not available, or interested etc.”. Especially if I know the person or if it was me who initiated the communication.

So how comes so many people are ghosting and not responding? I hear some of them speak of self-care, love, and compassion? There is something fundamentally wrong with this if this self-care, love, and compassion lead to being unpolite and selfish.

Really, it tells us about the person, how the person thinks and lives their life. They do not care. Simple. They are ignorant of the feelings of others.

Silence speaks a thousand words!

So, what are the reasons for some people not to respond:

They have not made up their mind - You still can say this to the person who emailed you. It’s called being professional and polite instead of letting the other person wait for your precious answer. This person can get on with their lives and focus their energy on somebody else!

They are no longer interested - Well, why don’t you let the person know? That would save the person energy and effort to contact you.

It is just polite to respond. Some say, “oh, I’m so busy”, “I only have seen your message now” (often not true as with many social media functions, you can actually see when the message was opened and read.

Deliberately not responding because the person is annoyed or don’t’ want to continue a relationship. - Well, ok, then say so. Do not be fake. Let’s not be friends, even on social media.

Looking as you are too important and too busy – well, good luck with that. In my opinion, this person is a waste of time and who wants this person around anyway?

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. Part of growing up is being honest, and I believe responsiveness. What do you think of this? Let me know…

Love, Claudia

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