What are associated movements in Yoga?

Updated: Jan 12

In my 200-hour foundation teacher training, you will learn about associated movements: movements that happen in your yoga practice that you may not be conscious about as you are doing another movement. These can be potentially lead to injury, but once you become aware of such movements, this does not have to be like this, and you can even use some of this knowledge to go deeper into a shape. We have to be aware of those associated movements that can happen when we practise traditional yoga asanas. Our modern bodies need some adjustments!

Can you see below in the picture what happened to those students?

associate movements that can take place when doing a yoga shape

Those movements affect your spine, so whenever you move your limbs, you can affect your spine if you are not aware of this and this can be potentially lead to an injury, especially if that weak part of your spine is already suffering. In the picture, you can see for some to grasp the hands or belt at the back of their body has resulted in arching more into their lower backs. This does not have to happen but might happen when you lift your arm and bring your hand to the back.

Explore for yourself what happens to your lower spine as you do this and then feel what happens if you also extend one of your legs backwards (e.g. as we do in Virabhadrasana or Warrior 1)?

The lower back is a weak part for many people, and people have lost their ability to move actively form the core. Therefore, if somebody already has lower back pain, this could exasperate the issue and finally lead to an injury.

There are many more associated movements, and I invite you to sign up to my beginner's course starting in January. I help you to build a healthy foundation from the core outwards.

Join me every Wednesday at Zoom at 6 pm.

Or ff you want to join an 11 months self-development course, the yoga teacher training 2021 might be of interest to you. It's going to be a small group, so individual attention is guaranteed.

We are designed to move, and our movements should feel good. You hear me often in class saying, “bend less, stretch less but enjoy more your movements”. Coming back to your state, that is being a natural moving body rather than a body that has lost its ability to move freely is my mission. I help you to empower yourself to feel good again, how to breathe organically and how this can make you feel more relaxed and less anxious.

I also offer one to one classes. Get in touch! Namaste

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