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Virabhadrasana 1, 2, 3 - the Yoga Warriors we need!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The story: Virabhadrasana

Once upon a time, a powerful king named Daksha had a beautiful daughter called Sati, known as Shakti. Shakti fell in love with the lord of universal consciousness, Shiva and they married. Her dad, the powerful king Daksha wasn't happy about this marriage and despised Shiva. Daksha gave a party where he invited everybody but Shiva. Shakti was so upset about her father's action that she threw herself into a fire and died in despair. When Shiva heard the news of his beloved's death, he was so devastated that in anger he threw one of his locks down to the floor to create the warrior "Virabhadra". Virabhadra was a powerful warrior with no fear who went to the party, and they're in a rage he cut off Daksha's head and created chaos and havoc at the party. Doing this pose a "yogi" is required to develop awareness between internal/external rotation, extension/compression, twist/backbend, strength/flexibility, firmness/softness, front leg, back leg, front foot / back foot, front arm/back arm, etc., in summary, develop consciousness all around him. So, why a "warrior" if we are doing yoga and one of the Yamas tell us that to be kind? Like so many traditional stories, it is to be seen metaphorical. What do you think the meaning is?

What are the Warriors we need? We need people to be courageous! To be courageous means to be loving and kind. Can you be kind even to some people who have hurt you?

Are you sitting for long hours on a chair and feel that your shoulders are tense and painful, come to my class where I will teach you how to soften and release this tension. When? Wednesday at 6 pm :) love Claudia

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