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Updated: Mar 18

"We want instant lunch, instant cure, instant miracles, instant salary, instant success— instant everything. This instant civilisation we have obsessed with has made us grow a tad too impatient in virtually everything about life. And, of course, that doesn't serve us so well."

― Boniface Sagini

Instant gratification has created a society with addictive personalities. We have lost patience, step by step progression and self-control. Why is self-control important?

So, we don't fall victim to impulsive emotions. It s the ability to work towards long-term goals. People who are not patient and fall victim to impulsive feelings often make poor short-term choices and harm themselves or others. We don't always get what we want, and if we let this make us angry, frustrated, sad, it often leads to destructive behaviour.

Self-control can benefit a better or healthier version of ourselves in the future. So, by deciding not to overstretch or overbend, our body may feel better in the future.

How can you train self-control?

  • Reset through meditation and positive resolve your mindset.

  • Give yourself time when something irritates you - self-care means here to close your eyes, breathe and relax before you react angrily.

  • Replace negative responses with positive ones.

Instant gratification is discussed in my next yoga teacher training. We encourage you to accept the present version of yourself when practising. We learn how to teach and practise step by step, mindfully becoming aware of our surrounding and ourselves.

Enjoy little things, be grateful and kind to each other! We need so much love right now! Take small steps this year and enjoy the little things.

Lots of love,


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