How to get certified to teach yoga? Are you ready?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

How to get certified to teach yoga? There are plenty of different authorising agencies and what in the end is the best for you depends a little bit on you. My first teacher training was with a person that did not belong to any institution or agency. For me, the experience of the teacher played a more important aspect than the authorising body. In the meantime, a lot has happened, and suddenly we have plenty of agencies and a vast program of different kind of yoga teacher training programs.

So you are ready to pursue your dream of becoming a yoga teacher! How to get certified to teach Yoga? There are different certification institutions available. Sundara Yoga is affiliated with the Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP).

The YAP keep standards high in Yoga, and we are determined to assist this. There is the alternative Yoga Alliance (US) and any teacher after two years of teaching can offer teacher training and issue certificates. I personally always have preferred my yoga training to be conducted by more mature teachers who were teaching already for a long time. Still, again this is really up to you to decide, and there are, of course, many inspiring teachers on different platforms and with different agencies.

There is also the British Wheel of Yoga (even thus Sundara Yoga is not affiliated with the British Wheel the lead teacher, Claudia Steinhauser, actually has a teaching certificate of the AEPY (the Spanish equivalent to British Wheel). There are also courses offered by the YMCA.

Basically, you can do a college course or attend specialist courses run by private training organisations.

How to get certified with Sundara Yoga? Why chose a yoga teacher training with Sundara Yoga? 5 compelling reasons to sign up:

1. I have been teaching since 2004, and I attended three prestigious teacher training with more than 1000 hours of study and plenty of teaching hours (since 2003)!

2. Sundara Yoga Teacher Training teaches applied anatomy and physiology of yoga. You will not learn the name over 650 muscles (who cares) but what you can do with certain muscle groups to go deeper! You will learn how to be safe in your practice and most importantly, those of others and avoid knee, lower back, shoulder and neck injuries! We teach you more than only three bandhas and how to circulate information and energy within your body more effectively without using the cardio as the main pump.

3. We look at yoga in the context of history and how it is still relevant nowadays but adapt to a modern body.

4. We don’t focus on ONLY teaching you to be another Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (there are plenty out there), but to be an authentic, loving, caring yoga teacher able to adapt to people and not impose a sequence on them. You will also learn restorative yin yoga and don’t have to do an extra teacher training to be able to teach that!

5. We teach you marketing and sales skills. Yes, don’t think being a yogi the universe will provide if you don’t’ stay savvy in those skills. We will teach you even SEO. SEO what? Search Engine Optimization, so people find the amazing you! All this in only Saturdays and Sundays, so you are free to work from Monday to Friday and we finish all this with one-week immersion abroad, in 2019 in Tuscany, midst nature and silence for the most effective self-enquiry.

6. There is one more point? Yes, we mentor you for 6 months afterwards! So, it’s not just thanks for your money, here is your certificate, we care for you! You will be an outstanding ethical yogi with a thriving business and a support network. You will develop your own practice and become a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher.

If you want to find out more, come to our next yoga teacher training taster or join an online class. You can ask us questions, and we give you a free taster class and presentation. This course is fully recognized by Yoga Alliance Professionals (200 hours ). It is a self-development course in which from the beginning you teach and learn how to read the body of different people. It's transformative and joyful.

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