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Updated: Sep 8

Have you got this friend, colleague or family member who is all the time criticizing and over-intellectualizing? Or knows everything better? It can become quite tiring having people around you like this! Even thus in Yoga we discern, investigate and enquiry, we should never forget to use our heart too.

To have a critical mind does not mean to be an arrogant disrespectful privileged person that knows everything better. That is unable to apologise or see other people's perspectives. That has no compassion and blocks off confrontation because only one perspective is valid.

This trend of overly critical privileged people combined with the instant need of self-care is a disease of our neoliberal society. The emphasis on the "I" and instant gratification, instant request for answers and instant abandonment of people or things that don't "serve" us.

Self-care is a slogan and is full of rituals that tell us how to take care of ourselves, because "we are worth it". As we are all burnt out in this selfish individualistic society, we believe it, we go for it but what about others around us and our planet earth in general?

The 100 trillion cells in us don’t care who we are!

Be a positive force in this individualistic society and empower others at the same time not to be afraid of confronting problems, having discussions and peaceful conflict resolution is a skill that we are in need of more than ever!

To be real, honest (without being hurtful) and kind! We need more people to be able to forgive, go through all parts of life (not only with rosy glasses on and if it feels pleasing), being able to communicate and tackle things. To face obstacles is where learning is taking place and where we start to embody knowledge.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Enrollment is open:

· Sundara Yoga is all about functional anatomy and physiology. You learn what to do with your muscles rather than hundreds of muscles names. You learn how to protect joints and different ways of flexibility, strength and relaxation. You will learn how to circulate energy and communicate more effectively with your body by stretching and tensioning less!

· You learn how to look at yoga in the context of history and how it has constantly changed its meaning and purpose. Be part of keeping its essence alive but learn how to adapt to a modern body. You learn about recognising limitations and how to reach the full potential by doing less!

· We don’t focus on ONLY teaching you to be another Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (there are plenty out there), but to be an authentic loving caring yoga teacher able to adapt to people and not impose a sequence on them. You will learn also restorative yoga and don’t have to do an extra teacher training to be able to teach that!

· We teach you marketing and sales skills. Yes, don’t think to be a yogi the universe will provide if you don’t’ stay savvy in those skills. Websites, SEO and social media management and much more!

· All 9 weekends are only on a Saturday and Sunday, so you are free to work from Monday to Friday, and we top this up with a one-week Yoga and Meditation immersion in Italy, Tuscany, midst nature and silence for the most effective self-enquiry.

We mentor you afterwards! So, it’s not just thanks for your money, here is your certificate (there are people out there who start to give certificates after only a few years of teaching), we care for you! You will develop your own practice and become a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher.

If you want to find out more, send me an email. This course is fully recognized by Yoga Alliance Professionals (200 hours). Follow your heart and dive deep into a self-enquiry without losing your heart! The yoga alliance professionals have high standards, and we keep those standards high.

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Sundara Yoga Flow

Sundara Yoga Teacher Training 

"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee


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