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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in Brighton and Hove with senior yoga alliance Professionals Uk registered yoga teacher. Make your passion your everyday life! This personal development course starts in April and over 11 weekends, you are diving deep into the roots of yoga.
Yoga Teacher Training

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The training is ideal as much for students who are already teaching and want to deepen their knowledge as for those who want to start their journey toward becoming yoga teachers.

You can show your interest here or send an enquiry to and we will send you the full brochure  and further information. This course will be registered with the Yoga Alliance Professinals UK. 

To become a teacher or to go deeper into yoga philosophy and anatomy and physiology of yoga is a very rewarding mission (note: I don't call it simply work). For me to teach is a mission and a privilege. I have attended three different teacher trainings myself and I have assisted teaching on various teacher trainings. I have observed teachers and trainers for many years and finally have taken the step to offer a teacher training course myself. 

I have attended certified Ashtanga Teachers in my first years of embarking and was so inspired with their dedication to yoga that after a few years practicing I became a teacher myself. I often thought I had to wait 30 years before I could teach teachers to be, but having seen some very disappointing programs and less experienced teachers embarking on offering teacher trainings, I finally decided to offer myself one and push myself to do so.

My teacher training will work for those who don’t want to know simply the name of a muscle, but also what this muscle can do for them, how to access it, how to contract and release it and how to use it to trigger another muscle to do a job. This course is for people who go even further than the knowledge of a muscle and its contraction and release, but also how this knowledge can change the whole communication within your body, the flow of energy and more.  

I am not into fitness, business (although you will learn some business and marketing techniques, I will teach you how to SEO your website, how to promote yourself and overall encourage you not to end up in a gym teaching many classes and becoming a robot with a dimmed light. I have worked one year part-time in a marketing department and have learnt some really good tricks and ways. 

I only want to attract people on my teacher training who know how to differentiate between yoga and fitness (who will not have to emphasise fitness but know that yoga will make you fitter than you ever were), who don’t need a goat to attract more people to their classes, drink beer in their yoga class, get naked to get more classes, emphasise bending and stretching (although the yoga I will teach you will make you stronger and more flexible – this is a byproduct). 

Yoga is going back to basics and no loud music is required to teach. 

If you want to be an entertainer, be an entertainer, if you want to be a dancer, be a dancer, if you want to be an acrobat, be an acrobat, but if you want to learn yoga be yoga. Looking forward having you on the course. I will only let 4 – 6 people on this training. 

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