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The art of assisting

Do you want to learn how to assist others in class? Learn how to assist others in posture emotionally and technically. Yoga Assists can be useful for recent yoga teachers. You get CPD credit with the Yoga Alliance with this course.
The art of assisting

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Time is TBD
Sundara Yoga Flow

About the Event

The art of assisting is a useful workshop not only for yoga teachers, but also for yoga practitioners who like to practice yoga with others.

You will learn different methods. Verbal, physical and more subtle adjustments. We go through standing poses, such as Triangle, Warrior 1, 2 and 3, Extended Side Angle Pose and many more, sitting poses (Forward Bends and Backward Bends) and Inversions.

Yoga assists not only connect and lessen the tension and pain, but also help you to learn about their karmic correlation to carrying tension in your body. You learn about different techniques and how to assist in a non-violent manner. You guide your students in the art of going deeper and letting go better. It is not necessarily proper alignment that your student needs, although in some cases that is exactly what the student needs.

You will learn the use of props (blocks, chairs, yoga belts) and other adjustments, such as the use of the wall. Most of my experience comes from having attended numerous Iyengar workshops, having studied Iyengar Yoga for many years but also through my own experience having had some very good and also some not so good adjustments when I studied Ashtanga and other types of yoga.

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