Corporate Yoga - Brighton and Hove

Corporate Yoga Brighton and Hove are happy to offer you the best services. We have been teaching and giving workshops internationally and worked in corporate environments in Spain, Germany, and the UK. 

We design the perfect course or workshop for your employees. Relaxation Techniques, Back Pain Workshops, Yoga Routines with the office chair and gentle spinal movements that increase blood supply to the brain and ensure greater focus and productivity. 

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate sector, I am happy to design a specialised course and offer yoga classes in the office. I have learnt various relaxation techniques (e.g. I learnt yoga Nidra in Rishikesh, India from Matagi and have conducted workshops about back pain.  I can show you simple techniques, such as office chair stretching exercises that will prevent injuries and increase a sense of wellbeing and energy. ​Working in a connected environment is important, and yoga in the office can connect staff better with each other. 

Corporate Yoga Brighton

Make the new year a special for your staff and add some relaxation classes to their schedule. Yoga at the office / corporate yoga Brighton. Too busy to go after work, why not ask the teacher to come to you? Yoga can help to improve concentration, productivity, creativity and alleviate or cure back pains. Sitting all day at your desk and suffering from lower back pain. We can help you with only a few sessions to feel better. Try it !!

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