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Yoga in Brighton & Hove UK 

Hello! Nice to meet you. Please send me an email and introduce yourself or sign up for my regular emails.


I am located in Brighton and Hove and have been teching yoga here in gyms and studios since 2015. Before that I was locted in Spain and were teaching in gyms, studios, retreat centers there etc. since 2005. Even thus I am located here, I or one of the brilliant teachers on my list are happy to come to you. Have a look at our workshops and if you like one, why not book us and we come to you! We also offer online trainings and yoga and wellness courses. 

Welcome to my site Yoga in Brighton and Hove! My name is Claudia and I am currently managing Sundara Yoga Teacher Training in Brighton and Hove, UK. and n addition offer courses on the business of yoga or /and web design option for newly graduated teachers or start-up yoga businesses. 

Sundara Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing self-development course to find, heal and nourish yourself and to empower others to do so too. I also offer workshops, courses and yoga holidays. I am happy to bring my experience and courses to your yoga centre to pass on my love for yoga. 


Yoga is evolving and you can be part of it.  For me, Yoga is a way to ground myself, pay less attention to distracting thoughts and heal myself. 

I am registered as a senior Yoga Alliance Professional Teacher and Yoga Teaching Training Provider through the Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP).UK. The Yoga Alliance Professionals have high standards and I am determined to keep them high when it comes to teaching and training others to be teachers.


"I believe yoga is magical. My passion for teaching yoga is non-dogmatic, eclectic and open to all and I will guide you towards enhanced well-being.  I will give you lots of personalized attention. I adapt yoga to the person and take into account modern bodies. We will move mindful and you will learn how to increase gradually your range of movements, but overall I also honour the teachings of the east whilst living in the west" 

With love Sundara Yoga Flow Teacher Training

Claudi :) 

I love yoga with Claudia. Her classes have a lovely flow and a really positive vibe. I have learned so much with her already. She is complete with you throughout the whole class, giving constant instructions, options and feedback. I always come out feeling great and would highly recommend yoga with Claudia​.

- Emily Crampion


Claudia is a brilliant yoga teacher. Her classes are enjoyable, uplifting and expertly guided. Claudia provided me with advice for specific injuries that really helped with rehabilitation. Always a pleasure to attend her classes :-)

- Elise Pithouse 


Claudia is a really kind, thoughtful yoga teacher. I love her classes and despite only practising for 5 months I now feel much more confident. She generates warmth and this makes going to her classes a pleasure. An excellent practitioner.

- Charlotte Grosvenor




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Yoga is a way of life

"I hope to free my followers from styles, patterns, and moulds" - Bruce Lee


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